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Zadolba!whether 12.07.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Many years ago, when I was young and naive, came into our home two young men. Kostya and Sergei. Sergey and I first connected a wonderful feeling, Kostya was friends with my brother because of their common hobby.

was my aunt. Extremely harmful the lady, sarcastically commenting on everything that came into her eyes. Or scent, because the aunt believed himself to be not only neat, but also very sensitive to smells lady.

In fact, the aunt in their home could easily wash the stove and refrigerator for several months, spit on the pile of dust in the corners and hide ancient heirloom blankets, smelling of sweat and dust. But about it knew only the closest relatives that he wouldn't tell anyone, "Patamushta aunt's relatives." When guests and "exit" aunt, of course, tried to live up to his legend and putting on a show.

Knowing the temper aunt, my brother and I are not particularly forthcoming about who is who of our friends. She came face to face with Bones and Sergey in our hallway and the communication on "Hello goodbye" was not.

one day aunt suddenly pounced on me with criticism. She said that Kostya muddy that it reeks then that he doesn't brush his teeth and his bad breath that he has dirty shoes, and he did not know how to behave. But Sergei in understanding aunt was a model of cleanliness and education!

I listened, open-mouthed. Kostya moreover, that was one of those rare and meticulous that even in a multi-day hike manage to stay clean, like you just came out of the house, so he was well-raised by my own grandmother — a Professor's wife, in every way Petawawa granddaughter in intelligence and good manners.

Sergei is... m-m-m, yard guy, a techie by vocation, who always had something repaired and designed. Sometimes he smelled the rosin, then lubricating oil, then some more technical stuff, which is hardly washed from hands and patched-pereletnyj work pants, which he was constantly getting under my dad's car, then went to a technical landfill. In General, to the model of cleanliness and neatness Sergei was far away.

just To be sure pereproshit as to whether the aunt is referring to the coast — he wore glasses, so that confused him with Sergei was impossible I shrugged my shoulders and chose silently to retire. To argue with my aunt was a more expensive.

a week later, the aunt somehow shyly asked me whether I meet with Sergei, not Bone. And when I confirmed it... You guessed it, right? Aunty unleashed a wave of accusations of bonusesthe Sergei, simultaneously praising the meticulous and intelligent Peter.

This is what I am. Those who constantly break your balls, stink, think, can, the matter is still not in others, and in your fucking character? Which looks for zadolbalsja, so unushiwal something that actually may not be?

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