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The longer the mother nurtures and shakes his child on hands, the later it starts to go

Zadolba!whether 12.07.2019 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

When I was somewhere in the second or third class parents taught me how to make Apple pie.

to be Honest, I can't even remember exactly how it is done, but then did it himself, and even brought the class to OTHERS — we had decided to bring some treats from home.

In General, what is... To what once was impossible to use a terrible, terrible, dangerous stove, and even gas. Know how it ignited the oven? Oh, I won't tell you not to frighten people.

that kettle for myself, I also myself was able to boil on the stove — it's kind of needless to say.

At the same time, they never turned on the pot, dropped the pot of boiling water, did not set the fire and blew up half the house.

it's Amazing, right? Lucky, perhaps, "a typical survivorship bias"?

maybe it's just that I was taught and the fact that it's all dangerous and hazardous things should be treated with caution and thinking twice before you do.

Not to forget to close the gas valve, to properly ignite the burners properly extinguish matches, take the pan potholder, right to keep them to avoid burns and to ignite the flame, and much, much more — something that adults do automatically, without thinking.

Caution and security measures!

At the same age, grades 1-3, was walking down the street and he went to school himself. Like 100500 other children.

And again — caution and safety measures!

Before running across the street, make sure no car!

Calling a stranger? — don't move! Promises to give something? — stay back, don't worry and don't talk!

don't come back where you can't run away!

Well, just the same, nothing complicated?

there was Still electricity, fires, trees, tents, favorite children's entertainment — homemade bombs, and more. Always, caution and security measures! Any dangerous situation is understood in advance, with explanations of what, why and how it cannot be done.

And it worked.

what now?

"keep children away from the stove!" And when someone did get to the forbidden plate receives severe burns, because stupid doesn't know how to use it.

"a boy of Seven went out to the yard and one fell under the wheels!" Of course got, he didn't have my mother, who always pulled his hand like a dog on a leash.

"the Maniac-the pedophile abused the child." Because I asked him to go "to look at toys and take whatever you like". And that, fool, and went.

"the Poisoner offered to the teenagers to drink soda and robbed them." They just do not understand that drinking on the street do not understand what?!

You realize that protecting their children from anything potentially harmful, but not teaching them the ability to deal with this threat, you only make them worse?

Teach! Let me make a mistake, yet can control it! Explain what had to be done!

Let the child burn his finger on a hot frying pan — your finger heals, but he will never miss horrible with his bare hands.

he the road slow down and look around once again, even if it is with you — someday it will save his life.

Let it not come to good neighbor offering candy — roommate endured, but you can't take treats from strangers.

In the end, you can't always be there to defend and protect. Teach children to cope with it yourself while you still can.

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