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Zadolba!whether 13.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali work schedule some "hot lines".

Probably all already got on "people-machines", specifying your tough questions on the list before to allow you as to a Saint, to information for which you dialed.

for Example, I want to clarify the details on the procedure for issuing loans. Asking me my age. I understand age is important for credit approval. But my question is not in this! More important to me to evaluate, not scare is the procedure potential sellers.

And I'm not interested to talk with the robot, especially as bitter experience has shown — "robots" are rarely able to give sensible advice. Throw up. Surprise — the office of the Bank where had to get legs, I explained everything in detail, not asking any unnecessary questions.

fortunately for the Bank, of such proposals on the market, and the customers nowhere to go. And in the case of other services is often such a hotline is the loss of the client. If I articulate what I want to know, and instead of getting an answer further questions, I turn to another firm where on the phone meet normal people.

The funny thing is that it does not claim to the workers it claims to headless, their managers, and, most likely, middle managers (and mind).

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