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Where dense, and where empty

Zadolba!whether 13.07.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali strange logic of personal fitness centers.

How many go to the gym, and this is six years, with the change of several service providers, including the most expensive and pretentious club in the city, many see the same pattern: the keys to adjacent lockers in the locker room give two or three people, while the rest of the series free!

I specially unpopular in the daytime, that the people were smaller, but still the few minutes that change, sometimes forced to elbow and back with a few of these same poor fellows. To move to where the columns directly in the process of changing is not always convenient, and the neighbors often come and begin to open their lockers in the midst of this very process.

Dear employees raspashena, explain why you do that? And no, a simple "we takin' numbers in a row" does not roll. Storage for keys are usually in the form of a grid, where the numbers in a row going vertically, and horizontally — spaced from one another far enough. So why not take in a row horizontally?

Maybe you are forcing managers to hand tightness zadolbali people alive bought season tickets in the premium, where a looser? Does it help?

Personally, I have premium not buy from a principle. Not only because the equipment in both areas, 95% the same, and the dumbbell 10 kg in the premium weighs 10 kg, but because that's such a stupid attempt to impose.

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