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Memories of pasta

Zadolba!whether 13.07.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I also lived in a world "where was the milk for 36 cents and sausage for 2.20 and 2.90".

Thank you, no more.

Yes, the milk was natural, because it was not imported preservatives and antioxidants. But without them there are no miracles, and it is sweet. Sour it's outrageously fast, and the farm where it was produced from cows, suddenly, was clearly not near the store.

the Result, in half of the cases the purchased milk was sour. Of course, it was possible to make yogurt or something to use, but I wanted to buy just milk! Therefore, if you need it was milk, not sour, it was necessary to calculate the time of delivery, and to resort to the store immediately, while boxes of milk are discharged from the machine. The odds were a bit higher.

And of course to survive such as smart wanting to buy fresh, not sour milk, not something that will remain.

Or that sausage for 2.20. I remember her, she was called "six-layer". Because the slit gradually began to unwind the layers of which were rolled up. If she liked me, by the way — and only a few years ago I finally found out what it was made: sausage was the meat of those cows, which were dangerous to release without heat treatment, but not the worst. Slightly podsohshie, for example, but no contagious diseases.

According to sanitary norms and GOST standards.

The worst meat, by the way, require deep heat treatment, was in the stew.

the same, "this Soviet stew!". But we do not know.

And all this is because "not every production has to make a profit" — in the Soviet Union produced food for the population. Is possible? — go! Human food, as you call it? Here it is.

And the fact that now in all the chain stores sold milk, half consisting of preservatives, or sausage glutamate, nitrate, phosphate and polycarbonate... Well then, the same human food, but much tastier.

the Milk is not kisnet for months — but, and upset stomach from it.

In the sausage almost no meat — but the MSG wasn't exactly mastitis or tumors. You want to eat twisted minced tumor?

For those who wants "all natural" — too products, only they are much more expensive if it is fashionable "organic food" (ha, type is inorganic, SiO2), or you can find them in bazaars somewhere in the village where Baba Manya twisted sausage from the cow, which scored uncle Vanya last week.

you do Not want to pay dearly or to go to the village? It's your choice, you have it, at least now.

not to be nostalgic for milk for 36 cents. A bit like the dreamy "in prison now a supper, macaroni give."

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