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The man in the jacket

Zadolba!whether 13.07.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Know how one time you can easily calculate the "hick" in Moscow? Clothing.

And not because she bought somewhere in the sixth container on optovke near Bychoice, but because people in her "dressed up".

Here is how in the old movies about some hillbilly grandfather, who decided to go to the city center: from the chest gets the best coat and tie, not torn breeches and boots macisaacs Shine — because in the city, there is culture, it is necessary to look respectable!

Here looked a lot like those who came "in the capital": elegant and properly dressed, they are immediately conspicuous in the local background, dressed at home.

Especially when formal wear was indeed purchased in the sixth container on optovke near Bychoice...

Now it became easier, people have become easier to relate to visits to the capital, and the choice of clothing here and there equal.

But now here we have "foreigners". Abroad the abroad of CE, it is necessary to dress the way I should dress that way, and that's wrong, undignified!

A look at local not destiny? And even just "not dressing up"?

Even if you wear a suit of Papuan and go as the streets of Berlin — how to treat the other, will depend on how you yourself keep: as a native of metropolis, or as the local freak, who just for some reason felt like it.

Yes you will be easier! Do not worry...

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