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Live in a cave in complete isolation

Zadolba!whether 13.07.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I zadolbali associatie.

Here is how to contact you? SMS? Not sure that I've read, if the answer is no. Call? And how do I order a photo send it to you? Or I think I'll be on every time to bother, downloading e-Mail? Do I have nothing more. Just don't be surprised then that I am with you does the link not support to run through half the town, every cave dweller I feel like, and I only talk on the phone with loved ones — those whom my joy, not a burden to hear. Well or very strictly the case.

But about the imposition of social work — I agree, there would be, and I was met with hostility. My page is my territory, and no head and rabotodatel not decree what there is to be and how. Chiefs a lot of life changes, and I am one. What's more, it all left people hidden, and outside dobavlena simply in an emergency. To not was filled with list.

But whatever sociofobia I was not, even I know that the social network is first and foremost a connection with people. Same as phone — only better.

the Fear of the smartphone is another story: there banking apps — and that the communal queue at the post office — there are maps for quick orientation, especially in a strange or unfamiliar city. Yes, even in your without a map sometimes nowhere. There quality camera to, for example, to remove proof of judicial and of such a showdown, bude is a push. There is almost everything that gave progress to simplify life.

But in the cave, perhaps it is the unknown.

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