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We go through the alphabet together, sing it like a song

Zadolba!whether 14.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I was sick of the total ignorance of the English language. No, not free-spoken and not as stable, but at least... of the alphabet!

In English the following letters:

"es as the dollar" is simply the letter "s" — S.

"es as the Russian es" is the letter "si" — P.

"CES as a tick" — there is the letter "V" — V.

"And point" has an "ay" — i.

"And as a Russian e" is the letter "I" — E.

"Y" — no! Your W Masha! There is no such letter in the English language! In Latin there, and in English, no! Here is it the letter "y" — Y.

And I can still, teeth clenched, to allow such explanations to the people, most of whom went without a computer, and in Soviet school we were taught English, so God forbid knew him. But everyone born in the 80s and went to school in the 90s, with you-what's wrong? Since 1996, we studied on the Oxford textbooks, and with the development of the Internet era have the opportunity to read books and watch movies in the original language.

People like you can live in the modern world without knowledge of English? This is the second after the Chinese language spoken in the world (840 million people), while "beloved" you Russian in the sixth place (280 million people). Although what I... Russian for you still a big problem.


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