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The Association of Russian banks supported the abolition of high fees for transferring money between accounts and deposits opened in different territorial divisions of one credit institution. Who will win and who will lose from the introduction of such a ban?

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to prohibit a higher fee for interregional transfers within the same Bank suggested that the Federal Antimonopoly service. Together with the Ministry of Finance and with the participation of Bank of Russia the Federal Antimonopoly service devised a draft Federal law "On amendments to article 29 of the Federal law "On banks and banking activities".

"under the bill the changes are aimed at eliminating regional discrimination of consumers of banking services, which is reflected in the establishment of individual credit institutions increased the size of the Commission for the implementation of operations on inter-regional transfers of funds between accounts of physical persons opened in one credit institution, in relation to intra-regional transfers," said the chief of Department of control of financial markets FAS Russia Olga Sergeeva.

the text of the bill passed the conciliation, public discussion and independent anti-corruption expertise Currently, the document is sent to the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of justice, and the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government for opinions. The FAS said that the bill should be submitted to the Cabinet before August 15. It is assumed that in the case of adoption it will take effect in July 2020.

the Draft law was supported by the Association of Russian banks. "This issue is not that some banks will lose revenues, and common sense. If one Bank charges levied by the Commission, it may afford only a monopolist. Obviously, these banks of units. 99% of the banks minimize fees for payments to other banks in order not to lose customers, and then charged for intrabank payments", — said the Chairman of the ARB Garegin Tosunyan.

"When the bill goes to the state Duma, carefully consider, including the rationale those banks that charge such a fee," promised the the Chairman of the Duma Committee on Finance Anatoly Aksakov.

Now of the largest Russian banks fee for transfers of individuals between different regions will charge a savings Bank. The Commission for transfers between regional offices through ATMs, "Sberbank Online" mobile application "Sberbank Online" is 1% of the transfer amount, but not more than 1 000. Through the office of the savings Bank — 1,5% of transfer amount, minimum amount is 30 rubles, but not more than 1 000. Sberbank refused to comment on how much the Bank will lose if a ban on such commissions. From the Bank reporting that in 2018, the Commission income on cards increased by 33.6% and made 296,5 billion.

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If the Bank has a large branch network, the translation between different offices may require additional cost, says CEO CloudPayments Dmitry Spiridonov. "If the Bank is widely distributed geographically, each region is a separate commercial entity with its payments, encashment, bills and so on. And transfers between departments require additional costs. Another thing is that in one Bank it is possible to simplify the internal settlement and deductions. For example, when the flow of money from one Department to another roughly equivalent," he notes.

the Bank "Russian Standard" assured that if transactions are processed in a single operating center, no additional costs no. "All p2p-transfers of own funds within the Bank "Russian Standard" free for the customers. This approach is adopted the majority of players in the market. Such operations do not require from the Bank additional costs for transfers within departments, because they are maintained in a single processing center", — said the credit organization.

"In theory, the Bank should not bear the cost for transfers between their own offices, as it is likely there is a single automated banking system for all departments. But in practice some banks were not always United with one common for all the IT-system. For example, they could be different systems for each branch. Because of this, transfers between branches of the same Bank could be costly for him. To compensate for these costs, and there was such a Commission", — explains the head of Department of analysis and business planning Rocketbank Alex Kudish.

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Experts believe that the introduction of such a ban will not lead to a drop in Commission income of the banking system, as clients from it only will win.

"the adoption of the law FAS is unlikely to cause a drop in income of the banking system, but it will make life easier for customers. First, the share of income from such operations in the overall structure of fee and Commission income insignificant. Secondly, to build business processes becomes much easier, which may increase customer loyalty. Thirdly, the leaders of the banking sector, such a mechanism has already been implemented," says an expert on the investment strategies of the "BCS" Vsevolod Teeth.

"the Presence of the Commission for transfers within the Bank from different regions, indeed, discriminare consumers, it is not even about the business community, and ordinary citizens who, for example, after moving to support their families left in other region," — said the head of analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev.