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Where funneling money from mobile themes of the day 16.07.2019 at 05:09

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If you find that mobile communications suddenly began to cost you significantly more, you need to understand where funneling money from the account of the phone. Let us examine why these costs are rising and how to reduce them.

At the end of the 90s mobile communication was a real luxury, and people with heavy tubes in the hands caused other burning envy. But soon, out of the goods of "luxury" cell phones have become a necessity. Now the communication is, in principle, inexpensive, so we often do not follow the costs. But in vain! Because here you can lose a lot of money. Anyway, why pay more?

So where did the money go from your mobile phone?

1. Beyond the included package

most of the existing tariffs include a certain volume of services: minutes of conversation, TEXTS and gigabytes of Internet. In fact, according to these indicators, people choose rate. But at some point the included traffic may not be enough. Of course, caring operator will not leave the subscriber without communication: will offer to install additional packages for additional, of course, money. This traffic is more expensive and in the end to extend the basic package, you can spend amounts far exceeding the monthly fee. If funds in the account no, the operator will allow up to a certain limit to leave "in a minus". So slowly accumulated debt.

to avoid this, follow the traffic consumption. If in any month you need more Internet or "voice" than usual, better self connect an additional package or option (and not to forget her then disable). In addition, subscribers of MegaFon and Tele 2 have the opportunity if necessary to change the type of traffic to another. MTS and "Beeline" there is no such option. If you realize that you was never enough traffic included in the tariff, should think about changing the tariff plan or even the operator.

Grocery widget 2. Not disabled timely services with auto-renewal

"primarily To additional write-offs occur due to paid subscriptions and additional services, which clients hooked a while ago and have not subsequently disabled," according to the press service of "Beeline".

So if you temporarily connect to your room with some new option, such as for travel abroad, pay attention to the conditions of its provision. Quite often such services can be renewed automatically. The money for the subscription will be deducted from your account even when you do not need it.

3. Subscription and purchase account number

it Happens sometimes that entertainment subscription "start" in your phone yourself. The subscriber may not even know that signed on to the jokes and the Dating service of, and instead of the ringing sound callers hear him voice Stas Mikhailov. Unfortunately, it happens, and often it's not a mistake or someone's evil will, and conventional marketing.

If you notice that your mobile account began to leak money, check the paid connected services. If they are, but you will not connected, please e — mail the claim to the operator. It is likely that the money will be returned to you.

some subscribers use the phone to pay for small purchases. On the one hand, it is convenient. On the other — is likely to spend the extra, accidentally pressing the button. In addition, there is a risk that your smartphone will fall into the hands of another person. For example, a child who could buy a rather unexpected content.

How to avoid it? "Guaranteed to protect yourself from unexpected expenses for advertising services and subscription-simply plug in content-the personal account in addition to the main. It will be all write off in addition to the payment of the fare", says commercial Director of "Tele2 Moscow" Anton Kondratov. If you do not want to spend money from the account for payment of mobile content and entertainment services, just keep it $ 0. In a press-service "the Megaphone" also suggest to put a ban on the connection of infotainment services.

4. Roaming surprises

When you travel abroad your phone gets into international roaming. This means that communication services will cost more. Before you travel, you need to carefully study the terms of your rate of travel and, if necessary, add additional packages and options (and coming, not to forget to turn off). But there are cases that can lead to additional expenses in roaming.

for Example, even if you did not cross the border, but were beside her and caught you "rig" the foreign operator. Or your phone's settings involve some form of technical traffic is tariffed according to roaming prices, though you generally cut off the Internet during the trip. In order not to pay extra, on returning home, you should check detail for suspicious write-offs to seek an explanation and compensation to the operator.

Another way to "get on roaming" without leaving the country — to call back an unknown number. You should be alerted if the number does not begin with the usual "+7" and other figures. This suggests that the number of foreign call and it will cost you a pretty penny. But this "rule of sevens" can fail. For example, the Kazakhstan numbers also start with "+7".

Perezvanivaya to unknown numbers, you can also go to a local, but a toll number. It is better to take advice of classic and not to talk to strangers, then of problems, including financial, will be less.

5. Malware

Modern smartphones by features and performance similar to real computers. And, hence, the latter problem is not alien to them. According to the company Positive Technologies, in 2018, 26% of all attacks on individuals were committed with mobile devices, and most scammers have resorted to social engineering or using malicious software.

So security smartphone also should take care: you must promptly update OS, install and regularly update antivirus software, do not click on suspicious links and not to open files received from unknown senders.

Malicious software can cause your smartphone to perform, for example, a chargeable action, and therefore, the money from your account will slowly leak.

6. Services became more expensive

In the last couple of years there is a tendency to higher prices for telecommunications services. And operators often independently raise the rent rate. By the way, they have every right to do, such possibility is provided in the subscriber agreement, which everyone signed at the connection (but it seems that few people read).

the Operator, of course, warns of the coming increase, but these messages can be ignored. In this case, the subscriber suddenly finds he has to spend more, not changing their behavior.

To this situation was not a surprise and you have time to pick up another fare, make it a rule to periodically read the news on the website of your operator and also don't ignore the operator's SMS.

7. Error subscribers and operators

All wrong. The subscriber may not be able to dial a number and losing money, once paid room or even in roaming. It also happens that the operator mistakenly debits the subscriber's account with extra money.

to catch surprises, the rule is regularly to enter in my account or mobile app of your operator and view the detail. In this case, even if an error occurred, you will lose big money and will be able to solve the problem quickly.