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Sanremo: in the center of the city, the Moldavanka, was beaten by the Moroccan

Naples Slavonic 15.07.2019 at 14:37

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In the city of Sanremo , in historic center, in the Moldavanka was attacked by a Moroccan for the purpose of robbery. At resistance, the alien pushed her to the ground and started beating him.

the Aggressor caught in the historic center of the city, when the girl was returning home after an evening spent in the company of friends, reports .

Man appeared out of nowhere. He grabbed the Moldavanka's arm, then tried to snatch her bag. The girl resisted, and the alien threw her to the ground.

the Italian press writes that the aggressor tried to rape a young woman. She began to scream and call for help, then fled the Moroccan.

the Shocked girl tried to return home as soon as possible, but came upon a group of people, among whom was the assailant. Hoping to find the support of the people, she pointed at the assailant, saying that he found out and called the police. Man instead of scared, walked up to her and hit her again while the others looked on.

Called to the scene, police identified the man through surveillance cameras and tracked him down.

After 24 hours, the man was arrested in the apartment of one of their compatriots. Was discovered and the clothes he was wearing the man during the attack on the Moldavanka.

the Press writes that at the time of his arrest, he was carrying a bag with clothes, he intended to escape. He was arrested. Also arrested was fellow attacker, who knowing that the friend has committed a crime, hid it in his apartment.