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Rome: the Famous Trevi fountain is guarded by the police

Naples Slavonic 17.07.2019 at 10:14

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An Architectural masterpiece of the Baroque Trevi fountain in Rome is limited by the police to visit because of the huge number of tourists.

According to the Italian editions, tourists expect further restrictions near the famous Trevi fountain. This attraction is visited every day by a huge number of tourists. Everyone is interested in not so much the fountain, how to make a beautiful photo, reports

These pictures are further spread instantly in social networks. However, the municipality of Rome has decided to ban guests sits on the edge of the fountain. In the period of the large influx of travelers, the police can block access to the sights completely. Officials have not found other options to resolve the situation with the excessive flow of tourists. Already on 14 July from 16:00 to 18:00 the police used their new right. The fountain was surrounded by a special yellow ribbon.

Formed a huge queue of tourists who were trying to get a coin into the fountain from afar. Some other attractions are also hit by the so-called sanctions.

Tourists are forbidden to come close to the monument of Nikola Salvi. Innovation of tourists disappointed. After repeated acts of vandalism, officials decided to introduce new rules.

the Historic monuments of Rome are very important for the local population. You need to preserve them for future generations. If now allow tourists to behave frivolously, after 10 years of monuments and will not be. At least, this sure Italian officials. Offenders can be fined. Fans of inappropriate behavior can remove from a particular district of the city for two days.