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Sicily: power Poggioreale want to restore the Ghost town

Naples Slavonic 17.07.2019 at 11:58

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On the island of Sicily Ghost town Poggioreale destroyed by an earthquake 50 years ago, want to revive for residents who have left for the country.

currently, the Italian of Sicily there are two city Poggioreale. The first is the current commune, and the other is a Ghost town, left in ruins after the earthquake of 1968, which forced all residents to leave their homes. Writes about this , citing

However, it has not disappeared, the tumbledown buildings of the old town are still standing in place.

Now the authorities of the New Poggioreale developed a plan to restore the original commune. They expect that residents who have left for the country, remember their roots and wants to return, if the infrastructure is restored.

in addition, the authorities are going to make restored Ghost town into a tourist center with hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops.