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The ruble is trying to grow before the auctions of OFZ after the failure Tuesday monitoring of the banking press 17.07.2019 at 08:00

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The Ruble is trying to grow in the morning of Wednesday after a bad session on Tuesday, triggered by the strengthening dollar and lower oil in the world markets and the local currency demand.

On its side the factor of the Russian tax period and potential demand for OFZ bonds in today's auction.

playing Against the ruble exchange-rate conversion of the received by non-resident shareholders of ruble dividends, purchases of foreign currency by the Central Bank, the visible in terms of a thin summer market with a seasonal deterioration in the current account of the Russian Federation in the third quarter, as well as risks, albeit ephemeral, of new U.S. sanctions.

By 10.25 Moscow time quotations of the pair dollar/ruble calculations "tomorrow" was at 62,93, the Russian currency more expensive by 0.2% from closing levels on Tuesday, following which she lost 0.6%.

In tandem with the Euro the ruble to 10.25 MSK was at 70,53 also more expensive by 0.2% since the beginning of the day.

According to Alexei Antonov company, Business Broker, the Russian currency will win back yesterday's losses, if EUR/USD does not break on the Forex at $1,12.

Current Euro/dollar near $1,1210, and here the dollar is now showing minimal changes after strengthening 0.4% yesterday by strong data on retail sales in the U.S. and weak German economic sentiment.

Oil is trying to bounce after yesterday's drop, triggered by the message of the trump of progress in relations with Iran, and on the background of resuming production in the Gulf of Mexico, which had declined because of the deteriorating meteorological situation.

a Barrel of Brent is now estimated at $64,67, half a percent above yesterday's last quotations.

the Russian fiscal period started on Monday, had its peak, including the payment of the severance tax falls on July 25 and July 29 will be the payment of income tax.

today the Russian Finance Ministry will place OFZ-PD issue 26228 repayment date 10 APR 2030 20 billion, and inflation of paper OFZs IN 52002 maturity date of February 2, 2028 in the amount of 5.3 billion rubles.

According to analysts of ROSBANK, while the current yield 26228 OFZ on the secondary market about of 7.40% per annum, the Finance Ministry will have to give a small premium, about 1-2 basis points at today's auction of this paper.

Vladimir ABRAMOV