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Bloomberg reported about the idea of Venezuela to go to the Russian analogue of SWIFT monitoring of the banking press 17.07.2019 at 09:00

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The Venezuelan Government is studying the possibility of accession to the Russian analogue of SWIFT System for transmitting financial messages (SPFS) of the Central Bank, writes Bloomberg citing two sources familiar with the situation.

According to the Agency, representatives of the Central Bank of Venezuela requested information from Russian colleagues regarding the connection in case of sanctions will lead to the country off from the SWIFT. Representatives of the Central banks of Russia and Venezuela has not responded to Agency requests. SWIFT declined to comment.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Central Bank.

the United States has imposed sanctions on companies, officials and security forces of Venezuela. Washington considers the legitimate President of Venezuela Juan Guido, the head of the local Parliament, declared himself interim head of state is Nicolas Maduro.

the sanctions appeared and the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, its subsidiary in the United States, Citgo Petroleum, was allowed to continue, however all funds received should be left on blocked accounts, to which there is no access from Maduro. The condition for the lifting of sanctions in Washington called the transfer of control over PDVSA opposition of Venezuela.

the Russian analogue of the SWIFT was created in 2014, he received the name of the System of transmission of financial messages (SPFS). Its first foreign member was the Belarusian Belgazprombank, owned by "Gazprom" and Gazprombank, the second — Eurasian Bank of Kazakhstan. Participants SPFS more than 400, the system created because of the threat of disconnection of Russia from SWIFT.