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Banks have shown a record 1 trillion rubles profit in six months monitoring of the banking press 17.07.2019 at 12:00

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Net profit of the banking sector during the first half of 2019 increased by 37% and amounted to 1005 billion RUB compared to 643 billion rubles a year earlier. It is reported by the Central Bank in its review "On the development of the banking sector" (.pdf). For comparison, during the 2018 banks earned 1.3 trillion rubles, the profit at the level of 1 trillion in just six months — a record for the sector.

the system is dominated by the profitable trade of the 464 banks ' profits showed 364, or 79%, says the regulator. Slightly reduced the number of unprofitable banks from 28% to 21%. Losses in the first half of 2019 suffered 99 banks, they lost 113 billion rubles banking sector Assets grew by 6.8%, to 92.5 trillion rubles., return on assets (ratio of profit to assets) rose to 1.9%.

Almost half of the profit sector (43%) was provided by Sberbank, which earned for the six months 444,2 billion. the state Bank has laid in its strategy, the growth in net profit to 1 trillion rubles by 2020.

the results of the sector ceased to exert a strong deterrent effect of the reorganization of large banks transferred to the Fund the consolidation of the banking sector (VCBS): at the beginning of last year, the statistics just massively affected the identified impairment of their assets, reminiscent of the managing Director, the validation of "Expert RA" Yuri Belikov. Then "a survey was conducted of the assets identified all derived assets and holes in the balance sheet, the related losses were reflected in the form of reserves," he says.

"On the profit sector in the past year significantly affected the reserves that were recognized by the Bank as bad debts (the"trust" and AVTOVAZBANK), and in the same year she was slightly inflated due to the fact that the positive adjustment after the introduction in the first quarter approach close to MSFO9, the company partially passed through the profit and most of the negative adjustments were accounted directly in the equity," explains RBC Fitch analyst Anton Lopatin. Since the beginning of 2019, credit organizations have incorporated international standards MSFO9 in their statements: they imply an increased redundancy and changes in the methodology of accounting of interest income.

So, the banks recognized 160 billion rubles a profit in the first quarter of 2019, he said. "This one-time effect that cannot be considered the main profit of the sector is deducted from this trillion," continues Durant.

on the other hand, the results of last year, significantly affected the banks that were in rehabilitation. Bank bad debts recognized about 600 billion roubles in reserves. "It is also a one-time thing. If you rewind the reserves of "Trust", the sector would show 1.6 trillion [RUB] profit for the year, or the same 800 billion rubles over the half," — says the expert.

the rest of the sector remains sverhkontsentratsiya: more than 80% of the profits traditionally falls on the banks of the top 10, said Belikov from "Expert RA": "For the first ten excluding rehabilitated players everything is pretty stable. The cost of funding is not increased, which is good. Remains some tendency to moderate the flow of funds from small banks and of banks with revoked licenses in the top 10. The shortage of funding, no volatility no." The revenue base increases, which provides a large income at a constant cost of funding.