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Unsociable people will receive care in stroke — doctors — All the top news here! 16.07.2019 at 15:02

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To the sociable people, characterized by dynamism in social networks and close contacts with family members, revenues for the presence of stroke

comes with a slowdown. Present contradictory conclusion was formed by scientists from the United States of America.

the Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston studied information 175

patients sent to the hospital with a heart attack. Experts have revealed a striking regularity: it turned out that a more convivial society late were getting necessary support.

"We found that a society with significant network-wide initiative, and in addition to active communication with the members of his own family were attractively statement to the medical staff for assistance. the society does not possess such number of public relationships, rapidly calling for medical workers and gained support in the shortest possible time".

According to one or another specific reason (or reasons) to sociable persons with late arriving support in stroke, the authors of the work does not informed.

For people with a large number of social contacts, according to the experts, the peculiar appeal for support either recommendation in case of issues with health to their own society, which delays the period of the meeting with a medical professional. secretive people unconsciously are most effective addressing for support not to the comrades rasstraivaj members of the family, and instantly to a high quality health care providers.