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The force of the water — All the top news here! 16.07.2019 at 16:27

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Place 1st water. She has several varieties: mineral, medical-table and drinking. Medicinal table water use metered-dose thirty minutes before foods a number more than once per day. As noted by Deputy Roskoshestvo Elena Saradzev, the quality of bottled drinking water is dependent on the probability of the manufacturer in terms of its cleaning and mineralization, not from the space where it's mined. Water with the best number need of drugs — artificially mineralized water.

the Quality of water has a mineral preparatoy as the minimum amount of 200-300 mg/l. And its quality is not depending on the value or place of origin. Russian water is not worse than imported, and often the most remarkable, as noted in Roccacasale. The texts of the doctor of medical Sciences, nutritionist mariyat Mukhina, the day must drink 2 liters of live food. Water not only nourishes cells, but also flushes out toxins from the body and creates the need for man compounds of various chemical components.

Place 2 — brew. By choosing it, do not mix the fermented beverage kvass wort and aerated with a taste of kvass. To qualify, what drink natural brew will undoubtedly help a number of "signs". For a start, it is recommended to choose drinks which are manufactured according to GOST. In-2, it is necessary to direct the gaze to the table of contents alcohol. Norm — maximum 1.2 percent. If more, means the technological process was broken. And if the brand is not enough or there is no means in front of you "soda".

In the traditional water is not supposed to be of artificial origin of additives. Kvass tonic drink that has b vitamins, C, which are necessary for the immune system and the human nervous system, says a member of the State society of dieticians of Russia Anna Korobkina.

the Place 3rd — the lemonade. The texts of the experts of Roccasecca, it is not the most desired drink, especially for use in the steam room in a huge number. In one liter "soda" dissolved in an average of 80-100 grams of sugar. The best alternatives will be tea and drinking water. Lemonades may be consumed in small doses.