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Culture / Literature

Provocative selling - Bredemeier Karsten, Ilona gross

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The basis of any successful sale is the ability to build dialogue and to take a leading position and to persuade others to buy a certain product or to take a decision. The key concepts here are "perception", "influence", "manipulation". The author of the famous bestseller "Black rhetoric" and "the Art of verbal attack" generously shares with the reader the secrets of influence on any person, whether a regular customer of the dealership or the representative of a large firm, which depends on the signing of an important contract.

What is common between the seller of vacuum cleaners and a presidential candidate? Karsten of Bredemeier knows that! The purpose of both sales, just first need to sell the product and the other themselves, and as advantageous as possible. The word "selling" therefore refers to in the book widely: it means both actually work with the buyer and presentation of goods, services - and, of course, the personality of the speaker.

the Audiobook will be useful to sales consultants, sales managers, advertising people and advertisers, managers and all those whose profession is to conquer the "area of attention" people.