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The Alpha water heaters IMF will save from a disruption of hot water retail and distribution 16.07.2019 at 09:00

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At least two times a year, and in some cases once a season and more often we are faced with shortages of hot water. Due to maintenance work on heat networks, which are undoubtedly necessary to avoid accidents and breakage, houses remain without hot water supply from five days to several months. At this time, even the simplest everyday things become complex and tedious: just to wash the dishes you have to spend time to yourself in advance to heat the water. At the same time, for people whose homes had installed water heater, this period goes unnoticed, as all the hard work for them device performs.

a Great model for the home and garden - ALPHA Polaris IMF, which is available in four variations: for 30, 50, 80 and 100 l. This allows to choose a water heater, given the volume of consumption of water and a area bathroom. Thanks to the patented technology SPLIT Polaris TECH in the design of the device has two bulbs and there are no internal connections. This gives several advantages: the maximum a narrow tank, which is suitable even for miniature bathrooms; lowering risk of leakage; more rapid heating of water and maintaining its temperature at the desired level for a long time.

to Control the water heater just using a LED display you can adjust the temperature between 30°C – 75°C. the Controller power switch has three modes that affect the rate of heating water: economy (1000 W), standard (1500 watts) and speed (2500 watts). Thus, in accelerated mode ALPHA IMF will heat 100 litres of cold water to 75°C for 146 min. This is possible thanks to the two copper heating elements which protects the magnesium anode, mitigating the scale.

You can rest assured that the device will last a long time because his tank is made of stainless steel AISI 304, known for its anti-corrosion properties. To protect joints from corrosion they are coated with a layer of tungsten.

For your safety and energy savings, the water heater has protection from overheating, the inclusion without water, and differential pressure. The warranty on tank - 8 years.