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Why the new ethics of bodypositive applies? :.: Article 17.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Today the cover of the magazines are still full of bright headlines, "BODYPOSITIVE", model plus size on the runways and in catalogs do not cause shock, and to debate on this topic is not only fashionable, but also stupid. The acute phase has passed, and therefore, regardless of which view is held by people, the rules changed anyway. To start a conversation with a complete person on the subject of his weight — bad form to give unsolicited advice about effective diets — also, let alone speak in a negative or sympathetic tone, his appearance is taboo. All of this suggests that the ethics of communication and behavior in relation to this question was transformed. But despite significant progress, bodypositive the movement has left behind quite a sensitive issue, which for some reason is ignored, or covered only in passing — the attitude to skinny people. Photo: Depositphotos Why skinny people are harder to join bodypositive? In the beginning of the fight when bodypositive was in its infancy, in contrast to girls plus-size posed skinny models that was the standard of beauty in the zero years. Of course, this movement is primarily about making the body with all its features, but in any struggle there are heroes and anti-heroes. Naturally, the supporters of bodypositive could not use the contrast and not expose the problems imposed ideals that led to various negative consequences: from anorexia to bullying. Thin, unfortunate idol managed to shift, but what happened to those who came to the destroyed ideals? The times are changed, but the stereotypes remained. Of course, in any movement there are radicals and just rude people who diskreditiert concept, so to denounce bodypositive the bullying is just silly. But there is one subtle point in this story, which is usually avoided. The new ethics of communication with people having different features of appearance, almost shaped, and thin people have remained marginalized in this celebration of life. Why? Photo: Depositphotos simple. More recently, thin people was not what we might offend someone who can feel awkward or experience any inconvenience because of it. To the thinness sought millions. Emphasizing thinness, it was possible to make a compliment. But with the advent of bodypositive this has changed. Thin people more cause excitement, but also to join the fashion movement is obtained with difficulty. This has resulted in a situation where thin people do not fall under the new ethics. To comment on the appearance of a person of any physique unethical. Meet the familiar words: "you're so skinny!" or say that the thinness is already bones is considered normal. Is it possible to offend? However, people commenting on the appearance of a thin man, as well go over personal boundaries, as those who will speak about the folds on the belly of a friend. This is incorrect and can cause the appearance of the complexes. Photo: Depositphotos Behind a screen of self-esteem, hiding problems, which are difficult to guess, with a different complexion. Lean hard to find clothes in various sizes, even XS for some is great, some even appeals to kids stores. Bones sticking out, a small bust, narrow hips, and many other complexes damage confidence in yourself, and in response, the society responds with indifference, if not aggression. Every skinny girl for once in your life heard in his address that men on a bone does not rush and she's fat because of the thinness there is nothing beautiful. Contrary to popular belief, thin people often meet with discrimination and aggression in the address. French fashion house is no longer welcome to cooperation models with a figure that volume "less than normal". Bella Hadid even gave a detailed interview about why she can't gain weight to stop the barrage of criticism of their appearance. It seemed that bodypositive was to break down stereotypes about standards of female attractiveness, but, as often happens, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and to find the balance and failed. When society develops new ethical standards, which are skinny people — a matter of time. Photo: Depositphotos But it is important that every person who supports bodypositive movement, did not act contrary to earlier ideals and not due to discrimination, and in the name of getting rid of any standards and frameworks. ...

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