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How to pass the exam without any negative consequences for the body? :.: Article 17.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Almost every high school graduate is faced with stress during exam preparation or during the delivery of the exam, and often after, when you have to wait for results... How to preserve the health of the child? So this year I was taking the exam, this topic is close to me. I want to give some practical tips to avoid a nervous breakdown. First, to prepare for any subject it is important that nothing distracts the child's attention. Thus, the desktop should be just what does the student need for a particular subject. It is better focus on the learning process. Secondly, I do not advise to do one subject a day, let the brain work in different fields: for example, hour pay the Russian language, an hour of math. But better make a schedule for every day! But once a week you can write probes at home, you need to allocate a whole day and devote it to one subject. This is necessary in order to understand whether the child manages to cope with all tasks for a certain amount of time. And also to pay attention to those jobs for which there are errors. For home samples will help sites "dunno" and Rewega. Photo: Depositphotos third, do not forget about the rest! The brain rests, while man is asleep, so lying down and standing up preferably at the same time. More walk in the fresh air, exercise, let the energy is spent for good. Fourth, listen to your child and support his initiatives. Now he has a difficult period when it needs to determine the future profession and work on it. Disassemble all possible professions to choose items for delivery. Discuss the town for admission to for you was no surprise, his desire to move. Do not force the child if they see the enthusiasm for the profession that you do not support. Let him learn with pleasure, not because he is forced. Fifth, before exams go to the store together, let your child choose a favorite chocolate. Let the exam, he eats what he likes it will give strength and confidence. In no case do not give sedatives! It will inhibit brain activity and disrupt concentration. Anyway, during the exam the child should be raised the adrenaline in the blood, through which he will find a way out of stressful situations. For example, not knowing how to solve the problem, he will try to find a way not just to miss the job. Photo: Depositphotos After passing all the exams the graduate needed rest! Take him to the village to grandma and grandpa, if possible, take a trip with him to the river or have a picnic in the fresh air with friends. The waiting is always terrible. Encourage, support and bring joy to a child. For him, it is first important exam. Let him be sure that no matter what you love him. Remember: the exam is only one of the trials in life that will pass. Be sure that everyone who went to school, managed to pass the exam... ...

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