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What movies were filmed Pavlovsky Posad's shawls? Journey in Pavlovsky Posad :.: Article 17.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In this modest town near Moscow, founded, according to tradition, by Dmitry Donskoy, experience two of the magical and fantastic journey. First in the old Russian fairy tale in which beauty always won the evil, rejected lovers in an insidious villains, and met his love. And the faces of our beauties were decorated (so expensive frame frames the picture) nicely tied with beautiful scarves... And the second journey to childhood, to a wonderful new year evening, when all the houses and apartments of the secluded corners carefully get the shiny Christmas decorations and begins the mystery of Christmas tree ornaments. The toys are so beautiful, so fragile the wizard created them, are represented in the imagination of magicians... we Invite you into a magical Pavlovsky Posad! Frame from the film "Love and doves" Pavlovsky Posad's shawls and scarves played a huge number of films. In Pavlovo shawl "Breath of autumn" Nadya ran on goodbye to his Basil, is "Love and pigeons". "The Barber of Siberia" — charming Julia Ormond in a headscarf "Filigree" that she is... And what a shawl, and not just Pavlovsky Posad's, the Gypsy from the movie "Gypsies go to heaven"! A riot of colors! And the names! "Summer twilight", "the lilac Fairy", "memories of summer", "Summer in Pavlov"... Inna Churikova in the role of Martusenko-darling "Jack frost" in a stunning scarf with poppies on legs with leaves, with blossoms of the peach color... According to legend, even the unforgettable Stierlitz — Vyacheslav Tikhonov, born in Pavlovsky Posad — starred in one of the scenes from "17 moments of spring" in the Ascot stuffed in his hometown! Shot from a film "the Siberian Barber" So, visited the exhibition "Museum of Russian and shawls shawls", don't be surprised the familiar ornaments. You saw it, you admired the beauty of the "Quiet Don" and "Gypsies" in "Carnival" and "Carmelita" in the "Trees" and "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" — all these films and serials of Russian shawls and scarves played a major role! And why the representatives of the cinema so in love with scarves? Because a headscarf like no other head covering gives the woman a special femininity, tenderness, lyricism... a Scarf is the salary for a female person, a woman without a headscarf is like a house without roof and a Church without a dome. Shot from a film "the camp leaves in the sky" Go after the Museum company store and, slowly, pick up a handkerchief. If it is "your", you will change even the look, as the scarf provides a framework in which the beholder and makes you see what matters are the eyes, But most importantly, a scarf or shawl to suit you and bring joy! And the journey to the factory, where is born the New year! Here magicians glassmakers blow Christmas decorations, other magicians give them color, and the wizards, the artists paint. Shot from a film "Morozko" Here, your child will admiringly walk zacharovanna Christmas forest with Santa Claus and snow Maiden, and you are in a huge Museum collection will surely find a Christmas decoration from your childhood. Here at toy story we can study the history of not only our country but all over the world: a Christmas ball, for example, recalls the forbidden fruit — the Apple, the top — of the star of Bethlehem... once long ago, Christmas decorations were edible on the tree hang apples, curly biscuits, waffles, gingerbreads, but there was a famine and not to deprive children of a holiday, people turned to the glassmakers. While the wizard had to think of something — with, by the way, the works of our University — Christmas tree was decorated with paper flowers, painted pine cones, crafts made of wool... a scene from the movie "17 moments of spring" That happened in Europe, but by the end of the XIX century the fashion for glass Christmas decorations has come to Russia. At the beginning of last century appeared the first cooperative manufacturing this fragile commodity, and from them rose the fairy Pavlovo Posad factory. Here all the toys are made by hand, and you will see this, if you pass through the shops — although some of the shop in a fairy tale, where the New year lasts the whole year! But enough boring history, it's time to drink hot tea with sweets on the street the icy Russian winter! And after tea, be sure to visit the shop at the factory with empty hands it's impossible to quit! Photo: Depositphotos a few years, decorating a regular Christmas tree to hang on her lovely toy, bought in this shop. Put yourself in a Pavlovo Posad shawl. And let you invade the memories of winter Wonderland in Pavlovskiy Posad... ...

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