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What is a "Potemkin village"? The linguistic misfortune of the Prince of Tauride :.: Article 17.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In the times of Ivan Andreevich Krylov was alive in the Russian language the expression "to get into the case." So, with the accent on the last syllable. The expression is now not used. It successfully passed away, replaced by first dashing hussar "to catch a Fortune for tail", and later thieves a word "fortanulo". Prince Grigory Aleksandrovich Potemkin-Tauride (1739 — 1791) fortanulo, as very few people in Russian history. And Fortune he was grabbed by the tail (and foes reviled, for the hem), and a chance to get it managed. Really envious, to make this case from the word "mating" feared — it could send him to Siberia for insulting the Empress, which is highly appreciated Grigory. And in all respects appreciated. The phenomenon of "from rags to riches" has always been interesting to the inhabitants of the Russian state. Many have dreamed to do the trick, Yes a little he could. In Soviet times were popular fascinating novel V. Pikul about Potemkin. The novel was called "Favorit", and many readers of "the male sex" involuntarily transferred on the fate of the protagonist. Born in the wilderness, in Smolensk province (not far from the town of Porec, which in the twentieth century, the Soviet town of Demidov, but changing the name will remain wilderness hefty). Prince Potemkine: At a young age, "bonehew" in Moscow, Potemkin studied at the University there are different Sciences, and then served in St. Petersburg in a good position. For that we must thank the mother of the hero, mobilize for this, all small family funds. For ten years, to obtain a significant rank, service in the Russian army, and especially in the guard, was honorable and promising, but no profit is not allowed. More lived in hope of a notorious case... And in the biography of Potemkin, this is it, this is a great case, after which the career of the hero rushed up! The majority correctly placed in the life of Soviet men was also the case in a successful marriage, after which many of life's problems resolved simply and quickly. And then... "field is widely — know to work Yes, do not be afraid," wrote the famous Russian poet, which much cards carried. And trying on a wide field, on which worked and did not coward Grigori Aleksandrovich Potemkin, a Soviet power men have said to yourself, "I could not worse." Could or could not the Soviet worker to single-handedly controlled the territory of new Russia, nearly equal in area to France, it is a question of theoretical and hardly provable. Potemkin is, without a doubt, handled skillfully and securely strapped these newfound lands to the Russian Empire. Catherine's Cathedral in Kherson, founded by Potemkin. In it he was buried in 1791 Photo: In the former wild steppe he built in the right places the right to the city: Nikolaev, Kherson, Sevastopol and on the high Bank of the Dnieper the joy of his heart — lots. The city, named in honor of the beloved women, the city, which was supposed to make the third capital of the Empire, luxurious, warm and crowded. Therefore there was build a Cathedral and the size is not smaller than St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, and University to organize, and a theatre for cultural entertainment, as well as to plant dozens of factories and hundreds of trees. The same villages and villages Potemkin had not planted, they had grown. Meanwhile, in the Russian folk memory, and that even stronger — in memory, language, Grigori Aleksandrovich Potemkin signed as the Builder of the villages. Potemkin villages. "Potemkin village" has come to mean the results of the boss rush before the arrival of the even larger head. The purpose of this bustle is to show the zeal of the Affairs of the trust territory. Resulting erected structure of the fake, creating a false appearance of prosperity and progress. As wrote "our all" No. 2, by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol? Yes disperse hastily on the old fence, near shoemaker, and put a straw milestone, so it was like a plan. It is the more brittle, the greater the activity means city ruler. Here's to one hundred eighty years ago written, and if with today's realities sketched! Great writer, great country! Potemkin shortly before his death, April 1791 Photo: Perhaps, Grigory Alexandrovich Potemkin, in life, as already mentioned, lucky only with these "Potemkin villages" and no luck. Because no villages were not at all. But insulting term, marked his name remained. But first things first, that is, with "the conquest of the Crimea", which is casual and with some sarcasm mentions the main character of the Comedy of A. Griboyedov's "Woe from wit". The sarcasm is clear: the annexation of Crimea took place in 1783, that is, for 40 years before she appeared in the Russian literature. It's not even the days of the fathers, this is the time of my grandfather. The annexation of Crimea, we note, occurred relatively peacefully, with virtually no military action. This was the great merit of Potemkin, who was a skilled diplomat and a confident schemer. The allegory of "the Journey of Catherine II to the South of the Russian Empire in 1787", by unknown artist of the late XVIII vikatto: three years later, Catherine II had decided to inspect the newly annexed land. A trip to the South lasted from January 2 to July 11, 1787. More than six months spent on the road, the Empress! It was accompanied by an unprecedented large number of foreign ambassadors as well as incognito, the Austrian Emperor. The total number of retinue amounted to 3000 people. Only from the Baltic sea to the Black sea and back we drove over 5,600 miles! To ensure the trip of this number of people at such a distance — and now a difficult logistical challenge. Then she seemed impossible. But the trip took place, and the impression from it was immense. The Empress saw how wonderful the edge, the Taurus, has grown her Empire. Lover, this gift she's bringing, she immediately gave the title of "Taurida". However, again, technically provide the movement of such a mass of people can be difficult. To carry, to feed, place to rest, to entertain, to protect, maybe it was easier again to conquer the Crimea, than to carry the Empress with such a number of attendants. Quiet Ukrainian night. "Fireworks in honor of Catherine II and her guests on the banks of the Dnieper river near Kaniv", unknown hudojnikami: However, it's one thing when you're driving, but quite another when you're taking. Especially if you're on the train of the Russian Queen was an alien Ambassador. Not going to write about is "What is the lunch we were served, What wine were treated there". From the Ambassador waiting for serious analysts, or at least useful information. In the extreme case, information that is pleasant to the sovereign who sent you those damn distant countries. It is therefore not surprising that in European capitals flew reports of one kind of another. To say that the land of the Russian Empress went bargain — that no one would believe it. Therefore, more serious analysts rests on the fact that to digest this sweet piece Empire will be very difficult. Because good land requires manpower, and where to get them in through the hill country? So, the Russian Empress invited to explore this rich land of the foreigners: Germans, Dutch, French, and then — you never know — the English here is also a place. At the root looked serious analysts. In the end, the way it turned out. Ambassadors less serious emphasis on the specificity of the Russian administrators. And here it is to profit been paplateles explicit stories. Painted tents in which numerous travellers stayed for the night, one of their own became villages, built in the Wild field in order for prosperity to show. And not even built, but just painted on the canvas. A flock of sheep, which were driven ahead of the king's caravan that evening to roast, turned into the herd, which is distilled from the false one village to another. Again, to demonstrate the wealth and paternal care. Choirs of the Cossacks and the common people, who entertained a passing singing and dancing, turned into a crowd of maskers villagers, demonstrating a happy life. A company of Greek women from Balaklava, dressed in combat the Amazons, too, in it went. If such stories were spread about the Dutch, they would have no one believed. Similar stories about the French, given the frivolous nature of this nation, would believe about half. Russian nobles were known in Europe and lies and self-interest wild, and adulation extraordinary, for which reason the funny gossip about them one hundred percent believed and passed on the gossip from mouth to mouth and from letter to letter. Now we would say that the meme was born and went to walk through the information space. But any meme should have the name, name and patronymic. More than all the courtiers at the hearing was Potemkin, who was still listed as the all-powerful favorite, although by the time his case is over.

So Grigory Alexandrovich had for all his colleagues to take the rap. As Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev was doing the all of the Bolsheviks and ardent revolutionaries. To be continued......

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