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Why son-in-law happy, and the daughter-in-law – no? Confirmation – Proverbs peoples of the world :.: Article 18.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

"daughter — take off your Sunday clothes". This Azerbaijani proverb is picked up with the sages of other Nations... "Daughter in the cradle — dowry in korobeiko", "Daughter — sliced loaf", "a Daughter is someone else's treasure, someone else's prey", "Daughter father mother not greed" (Russian proverb); "the Daughter will not remain in the father's house, at least put it in the Golden cradle" (Armenian proverb); "a Daughter to raise — money in the water throw" (the Mari proverb). However, not always the daughter leaves the father's house easily and quickly, as in the Ukrainian proverb: "a Daughter is like a swallow: will posebice will posebice and fly away." Much more we have to strive, to hurry up: the girl "settle down", "give "husband", "sell hand". "Son married his mother back bent, daughter got married — straightened" (Chechen proverb). E. B. Leighton, "Wedding procession", 1919 Photo: Known fact: "Daughter was born. It is a stone (wall) house of a stranger" (Armenian proverb). However, the experience says, and "someone else's house" for new families not that it is a gift. But if touching the transmission of a native child, followed by copious crocodile tears Papa and Mama goes along with a substantial dowry, it is often the role of daughter-in-law recalls a jar of canned food such as "Breakfast tourist" in the gift set of Soviet times ("pressed Caviar" plus something not too necessary). It turns out, the daughter-in-law — like load to the delicacy. Of course, the dowry may not necessarily be a mountain of down pillows, a garage of vintage cars, a Villa on the coast. Option — a higher education girl, position in society, her family, are vibrant, unique model appearance. Although beauty is no extra material goods, as a rule, potential suitors demand was never particularly enjoyed. Suffice it to recall the "Bride" Ostrovsky. On the contrary: even recognized beauties themselves when moving to a narrowing were supposed to take, for example, a small linen factory (Natalia Goncharova). V. V. Pukirev, "Dowry", 1873 Photos: something tells me, the dowry is a kind of compensation to the future spouse for the inconvenience that follows the wedding. The groom at all times: lost freedom;take responsibility for the safety of the girl ("Parents kept daughter to the crown, and the husband and wife — to the end");at birth children were obliged to support them until adulthood. Daughter-in-law, on the contrary, the added pressure of caring, "tied down", solid limits, whims. And most importantly — a desire to take the husband to his sole use. Because a woman — like cat walks by itself. But from time to time until you settle down to the man. Because it is impossible to breastfeed the child and run with the spear, scoring a mammoth. A man can live alone. Epithets accompanying the strong half of humanity: support, protection, wall, getter. What kind of family would refuse to get into their ranks of another "hunter"? Ve Makovsky, "the Choice of" dowry, 1898 Photo: Son-in-law will be welcomed with open arms in any generic community. He and the Cabinet will help to move, and a field of potatoes to dig, and long-awaited grandchild to get. "Mining," which new member of the family will bring in the "cave", with pleasure will be divided between all siblings, cousins, nephews wife. Not to mention the newfound closest relatives. If only pohvaliti donor... Smart mother-in-law is always able to make believable a situation where the daughter-a child she supposedly is not as nice as son-in-law. Eyewash and chided that, for example, for the slowness of the Desk is filed the owner is not Jogging, the soup poured not instantly. Yes, smiled, not too gently and sweetly. Son-in-law please, he's welcome. But "nevistka always in the house — foreign cstca" (Ukrainian proverb). Often all members of a new family: "the sister-in-law daughter-in-law as mother-in-law — both of them" (Digor proverb). P. A. Fedotov, "Courting major", 1848 Photo: How far the dislike of the daughter-in-law shows saying, "dear Son-in-law for daughter and son postil the daughter-in-law". So where does that leave the daughter? Only one thing — struggling to try to refute old Chechen statement: "my mother is never a bad daughter in-law is not a good daughter-in-law". ...

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