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How to deal with stress? Three unusual method :.: Article 18.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

There are several types of stress. But they declare themselves that the person loses control, becomes aggressive or, conversely, "retreats into himself", no longer normally respond to their environment. There are no people who have never been in a stressful condition. To quickly and with minimal nerve loss to cope with stress, we have to turn to doctors. But there are times when you need nearby doctors there, and you need to get rid of the stress and its consequences. Then help unusual but proven methods. In fact, about them and a story below. Method one: gum on hand Photo: Depositphotos At the heart of this little-known way to relieve stress is laid the effect of auto-suggestion. You had to see people with a rubber band on your wrist? The gum itself is quite ordinary — a chip banknotes (or any other small paper), so they are not scattered. It is desirable to have the elastic band is green, which is psychologically on the visual level, has a calming effect. Once you start to feel nervous tension or excessive anxiety, you need to start to pull the elastic band and slowly let go. At the same time to pull the necessary bit stronger and the same slow technique to go. This physical action will make you to concentrate your attention on the band. Such a simple way of dealing with stress and soothes and is available in any situation and in any environment. Its only drawback is only that we must not forget to set yourself a method of suggestion to the positive. Method two: drawing Photo: Depositphotos is Also quite a good technique to set yourself up to quickly escape from stress. In fact, this "switching" from the emotions that caused the stress, on a completely different interest, when the mind is concentrated on the actions of pencil or pen on paper. You can draw anything. But best of all is calm "natural" motives. This is not necessarily aspire to great accuracy of drawing — it is enough only the contour outline. The rest is "Doris" your brain mentally. The third way: to forget about everything Photo: Depositphotos Perhaps the most complicated method to get rid of stress. To forget is unlikely to succeed, if stress has taken possession of you are already deep enough without the help of an experienced physician then can not do. But if stress is starting to form and manifested itself by a sharp worsening of mood, then this method will be quite effective. Just try for some time to relax. Very suitable for this music. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the couch, put on your headphones and turn the music, close your eyes. Try to imagine what a calm situation more suited to this music. It can be a walk in the woods, the rainbow in the sky after the rain, good fishing, picking mushrooms, the joy of meeting with someone... in short, anything that you remember well. Even the most simple mobile phone has the function of listening to radio via headphones. This is a VHF broadcasting around the clock sound is basically just music. Photo: Depositphotos Psychologists recommend stress not to forget about the traditional ways of dealing with it. They are well known: changing from intellectual labor to physical, entertainment events, active rest on a nature, and so on. However, do not forget to first perform a stressful situation, not to get into it again. And for output, since it is still get the most simple method described above. ...

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