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How to perform interior decoration of the house on their own? :.: Article 18.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The house was built and the money ran out. The picture is very common, because of budget allocated for construction, is never enough. Are incidental expenses for heating, electric wiring, insulation and other important elements, without which, the commissioning of the house is impossible. What do you do if everyone in the house is functioning, but no finish? And to call want not to pay for rental housing, but also to equip the space you want is not in economy mode, and according to their own taste and desire. Decide whether you need a design project or you are ready to think about interior design, after studying images from Pinterest and websites with designer furniture, like At this stage, take your time, because extra money for surfing the Internet don't take it, and save the project a significant amount.Collect in a separate folder any pictures without thinking too much and just keeping what pleases the eye.Then, write the text script behaviors in the home. For example: "I go home, turn on the light right hand (switch right of the door), sit on sofa (Ottoman, stool), remove the boots and put them in the closet". And so on, going through the usual steps: washing, taking a shower or bath, washing dishes, cooking and so on.Based on your records you will get a list of needed items and designs. Someone will certainly need a bath, and someone is a couch in the corridor, a socket in a particular place and a house for the cat in the living room. All these factors fix on the plan of the house.Determine what monthly amount you can allocate to home improvement — it would be financial steps in your improvement. If the house is big enough, it makes sense to divide it into sections and begin equipping with the necessary rooms. The first is to equip a bathroom and a toilet. Places used every day, several times. This is the room where you fail to save money, as building and finishing materials must be of high quality, because they will serve for many years. But the arrangement of the kitchen and buying kitchen cabinets can save money and buy the easiest or even used. While there will be repairs in the house, you just have time to realize how much is actually required of the lockers, what form of sink you need and where to install the dishwasher. These moments often occur in the process of life and you will be able to change your mind. If you already purchased an expensive sink made of granite with two compartments, and you understand that it is not necessary, you will have to put up with this inconvenience further. But with cheap furniture such case, you can always replay a couple of years to buy exactly the kitchen of my dreams. Besides, the cheap kitchen cabinets will quickly move to finish the other rooms, saving the kitchen. Turning to the decoration of the rooms, decide interior doors. They must be in the same style, so order and buy them at the same time. You can do it after completion of all finishing works, it is possible to. Floors convenient to do the same, so it becomes the connecting element of the house, and even if the coating selected is not premium, a floor material will emphasize the style. The best option — linoleum colors light wood, it is invisible crumbs, and a wooden texture always looks expensive. The walls of the wooden house it is better to Polish and apply a coating for wood or paint. It is always possible to alter or covered with drywall, but in the beginning will save money, especially if grinding to do on their own. Stone house with walls sheathed with drywall — quick and practical. Wallpaper paste at any time later, for the first time to leave the white walls. After the rough-in work with walls and floors, stretch ceilings. Stretch — the perfect combination of value, quality and options. In General, a phased finish — quite a feasible project that will allow you to save money and not take out a loan. And while you are busy rough finish, pick up the furniture. Pay attention to the design models, they emphasize the individuality and will give the house a unique style....