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Do I need to protect myself from the sun? :.: Article 18.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Warm touch of sunlight on the skin is something many of us are waiting for the summer months. Bright light, warmth and glow of the skin — that's what makes us love the summer sun. Is it only useful in sunlight? Do not covered in them a health hazard? The influence of the sun Increased attention to the topic due to the efforts of the recent human desire to stay longer in the sun. A bronze tan has become synonymous with beauty, health and success. However, apart from appearance, sunlight has other effects on the body. The sun's rays, affecting the eyes can cause diseases of varying severity, ranging from occasional dryness of the eye and ending with the inflammation of the cornea and development of cataract. Photo: Depositphotos On epithelial tissue sunlight also has a negative impact. First of all it concerns the violation of metabolism in the cells associated with dehydration and the possible formation of structural modifications. Protection measures to Completely eliminate sun exposure to the skin and eyes. This inevitably occurs every time you exit to the street. However, to protect against excessive exposure of sunlight all the same really. Eye Ways to protect the eyes from aggressive sunlight several. The most obvious and simple of them pair of sunglasses. However ordinary tinted glass is not enough. Must be a filter, check ultraviolet radiation, having an aggressive effect on tissue. Used for this purpose and special contact lenses with UV filter. Protection from lateral sun rays they are even more effective compared to glasses. But they do not cover fully all the areas in need of protection, including the eyelids, the skin around the eyes. Therefore, in regions with a pronounced insolation experts recommend use lenses and glasses. To some extent, to protect the eye from sunlight can hats with a visor or wide brimmed hats. Photo: Depositphotos Skin first the skin from aggressive solar racialy protects clothing. From this point of view, in hot Sunny weather it is advisable to choose loose clothes made of natural fabrics with long sleeves. Ideal wardrobe items, which is well breathable and allow the skin to breathe, while protecting from radiation and protects the epidermis from overheating. There are special cosmetic products designed to protect skin from ultraviolet radiation. However, it should be remembered that none of them eliminates the exposure completely. One caveat: you should avoid sunscreens containing vitamin a (retinol). In the cosmetic composition is a substance included in an antioxidant. However once on the skin, under the influence of sunlight retinol can cause pigmentation disorders and metabolic disorders. Correctly chosen cosmetic with UV filter able to prevent sunburn and eliminate a substantial part of the negative impact of the sun. It is noteworthy that the use of such funds appropriate not only in the summer. Particularly in winter in regions with persistent snow cover on the skin gets quite a large amount of sunlight, including the reflected snow. Use protective equipment for the skin should also lovers of mountain sports. Photo: Depositphotos, of Course, attempts to hide from the sunlight is inexpedient and hardly practicable. For the sun baths should be taken wisely and carefully, carefully thought-out Arsenal of protection. In this case, sunlight would be a source of health and good mood....

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