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As saves cocotherapy? Part 1 :.: Article 18.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Natasha heard the doorbell and went to open it, thinking that he had returned from school son. "I guess Sanka already finished class," to go she thought, not realizing that the clock was not yet even twelve, and, therefore, the son could not come back from school so early. She turned the black circle and to the right of the castle, ready to meet my son-a second grader, could not help smiling. However, it was not Sanka. Behind the door stood a worried neighbor from the sixth floor, and along with it some unknown to Natasha, an elderly woman. — Natasha, — quickly said Anna Ivanovna, — come to join us, Artem Ivanovich bad. — Again? — exclaimed Natasha. Only yesterday, the course of injections was finished, and again bad? Heart, or what, has again taken? — Yes he still may be sick? — inserted silent before this stranger, who came with Anna Ivanovna. — All of it, sweetheart. All of it. "Akaushi" dialect made it clear that the woman was not local. — I now, — Natasha has left the door ajar, — only syringes with cotton take... She came back to the apartment, turned off started to boil the kettle and took out the cooler bag with a syringe that was put in there the night before. I thought, now you will need me, ' she said, lifting both women to the floor above. I'm sorry, honey, in a tight voice said Anna Ivanovna, that we have bothered you again. No one except you shots in our County can not do it. — Yes I not about that — embarrassed Natalia, realizing that the neighbor interpreted her words literally. — I thought he was on the mend after a course of injections will go... We thought so too — no longer hiding the tears, said Anna Ivanovna, — but the point is you see, sometimes turns. They entered a neat, well-groomed front, and through the open door, Natalia saw lying on the sofa Artem Ivanovich. It was right in shirt and trousers, and around the couch, turning noses in different directions, stood his new black boots. Artem Ivanovich was breathing heavily, was pale, his eyes were closed. Hearing the noise in the hallway, he opened his eyes, stirred, but Natalia, fearing that he was going to make an attempt to get up, when the heart pains were rather undesirable, quick step went into the room and stopped near the sofa. — Sit down, daughter, — a weak voice said Artem Ivanovich. He moved heavily and slapped his hand on began to fray the edge of the sofa. However, he hoarsely coughed, and Natalia, his cough did not like, frowned: — You would, Artem Ivanovich, caused a better "Fast", — she said seriously. — They would cardiograph brought with him, an EKG You'd do now, and even in the hospital would be taken away... Yes we have offered him already excitedly talking women who brought Natalia to Artem Ivanovich, — but does he listen! — Shut up, woman! — suddenly roared at them from the couch just choking the neighbor and then, turning to Natalia, holding back a cough, said with stops: — Colini me something... for the pain in your heart... you'll see — it will go... Well? — pleadingly he looked Natalie directly in the eye. For a moment Natalia hesitated: after all, she was merely a nurse, and her job was to hand out pills, do shots, but put a dropper, a doctor's prescription. Extensive knowledge in the field of cardiology, she, like any nurse, did not possess, and if did shots, and then only at the request of relatives and friends. But Artem Ivanovich looked at Natalia with such hope that people have to take their eyes from him asking about a look she could not. And to deny the request failed too. "Baby", one of which had Artem Ivanovich sister, and the second — the unknown elderly lady — a distant relative, trapped in their passing through, quietly talking in the kitchen. While Natalia gained the medicine into the syringe, she felt a light touch to the feet. She looked down and saw the Knight — a black cat with a white chest, who lived Artem Ivanovich. However, the word "lived" as it is not very suited to this cheeky-energetic representative of the kind of cat because it is periodically lost, and could be missing for two weeks or more. Whether spring was on the street or other time of the year — Knight was really one of those cats who "walk by himself". These parties are always held on the same scenario and ended the same way: the cat returned home with a cut up ear, or pinched out between any of the doors in the long, like a whip, or rather, feathered hair, stick, tail. After these misadventures Knight usually do sit at home and became for a while the most ordinary domestic cat, which it was impossible to drive on the street by any means. However, overfed and otospimsya, he again disappeared, and again, no one knew when, and most importantly — what loss your cat's health, he'll be back in the cosy and warm apartment Artem Ivanovich. And will return if at all... As you can see, now the Knight was "a period of imprisonment on a reservation," because he continuously rubbed Natalini homemade jeans with side and head, which in addition to bit ear were visible, and other "battle scars" obtained in fights and fights with outdoor cats. — Ish, affection wanted, rogue, — groaning, uttered Artem Ivanovich, turning to the side and freeing up space for a shot. — And you, daughter, drive him away! he added and took to frighten the small pillows that was lying near his head. — Well, get out, squirt, ' he tried to give the fury its not evil voice and swung at the Knight thought. But the Knight was not afraid. He looked at the militant host, which threatened to launch a small soft pad, then raised her with a brandished tail and with dignity walked out of the room. Natalia meanwhile had finished my shot and turned to Artyom Ivanovich: — it May, however, the "emergency" call? You are so very bad breathe, and cough Your I Oh, how do not like! But Artem Ivanovich remained steadfast. — No, Natasha, I feel better already. Why do doctors bother? To me you are the best doctor. No-no-no, and he again waved his arms. Natalia gathered up the broken vial, which has already become unnecessary syringe, used cotton swabs in a bag and leaving the room, earnestly said: 'Well, Artem Ivanovich, be healthy, not get sick. And already putting on Slippers in the hallway, he added: — If that — call, always ready to help. But I wish You still talked to the doctor. Don't want to call an Ambulance, so at least call the precinct tomorrow. Anna followed her to the threshold and knowing that Natalia does not take money, because they made the shots, put it in the orange-red orange. Natalia opened her mouth to say that it would be quite superfluous, at the same moment heard: — This is for Sasha. Do not give up, vitamins are necessary to all and always, while Anna and sad like poor little smiled, and Natalia realized that this time again she will not be able to refuse a neighbor. — Thank you — I heard she's already in the stairwell. — Don't mention it, ' replied Natalya, and returning home, I thought that syringes are yet to leave somewhere nearby, and suddenly they soon come in handy again? To be continued......

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