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Why Breakfast is not so important for the body? :.: Article 18.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

We are accustomed to the widespread view that the weight gain associated mainly with food. More specifically, with overeating. The vast majority of diets focused on food restrictions, but it is required are Breakfast, lunch and dinner. To skip something is impossible. But you can reduce the number of calories. However, there is reason to question the commitment Breakfast. Why? Pay special attention to the fact that in the old days, ordinary people sat at the table in the afternoon. It was at this time the hostess had time to cook in the oven. He could not help it, because in the morning I had to milk a cow, to ask her to the nursery feed (or kick in a herd), to take care of the other beast and then raise her husband and children and somehow, but even something a little feed. For example, to drink milk with bread. Then began a women's concerns at the furnace. They were completed by lunchtime or a little later. Such thing as "overweight", the common people were not. Excessive fatness was only for the rich, where the morning started with a hearty Breakfast, which is quite soon moved in as plentiful a dinner, and ended of not less than a full on calorie dinner. In fact, rich was a real gluttony. B. M. Kustodiev, "merchant's wife at tea," 1918 Photo: However, the human body, not engaged in heavy physical labor, after a restful night's sleep does not require additional energy. We have Breakfast not because supposedly experiencing extreme hunger, and for the reason that we follow the habit. Simply put, the man tells himself the idea that he is hungry and without Breakfast it will be difficult to wait for lunch. Of course, the mind is a pretty strong manifestation of personal hypnosis. But let us reflect on the fact that between the three "planned" meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner), many have so-called snacks. In fact, our stomach works round the clock and seven days a week. However, not everyone understands what this diet — prohibitive burden on the stomach. He does not have time to relax and use while the energy reserves accumulated in reserve. The problem is in the fact that the myth about the necessity of Breakfast is based on our habit. Abandon Breakfast is psychologically difficult. The more that is available in the refrigerator food and it is not difficult to reheat in the microwave. But if you also ate a lot during dinner, and then a couple of times did snack at night, the food did not have time to become full of energy for the body. This means that a few hours it will be digested. And to add to the new stomach portion of food there is no need. The peasants at first I worked, then ate. A hearty Breakfast never bylock. Makovsky, "farm dinner at harvest time", 1871, the common people overeating never was. People don't know what weight. If you are prone to it, then try with dense dinner and night snack to abandon Breakfast. There are two options for health benefit. First option: instead of a normal dinner, drink at night only a Cup of yogurt and refrain from late-night snack, so the morning is good for Breakfast. Second option: after dinner (not too tight) do not make late-night snacking, and in the morning drink a glass of milk or natural fruit juice. Don't forget that your health depends on how the time and calorie meals. ...

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