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How to restore hair beauty and strength? :.: Article 19.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Each woman wants to have beautiful thick hair. Unfortunately, the compliment "wow, you have beautiful hair!" hear a few. To fix the situation, you just take care of proper hair care. A well-known fact that the rate of hair density is dependent on the thickness of the fat layer covering the scalp. It placed the bulbs of the hairs. The subtler it is, the more weak and dull our hair, the more they fall and are damaged. Greatly harms the fatty layer frequent, especially daily, shampooing. Though the fashion is shampoos and convinces us otherwise. But the purpose of advertising is to increase demand for the product, and thanks to daily washing hair the amount of our shampoo increases significantly. Demand is growing, growing sales and profits of the manufacturer of this product. But the condition of our hair, and wallet, is imposed by the habit of washing your hair every day affects not the best way. We should not blindly follow advertising. Photo: Depositphotos dermatologists claim that due to daily shampooing, condition hair and scalp deteriorates, and the growth either becomes negligible or stops. If you want to keep the dermal layer, providing the hair with proper nourishment and strength, don't get too carried away by their washing using shampoo and soap. To do this with the help of funds from aggressive alkaline environment are recommended not more than once or twice a week. What to do if your hair started falling out and lost their form? Experts advise to provide the hair the best nutrition and care to preserve the fat layer. You can use the traditional medicine: Burdock promotes the growth and strengthening of volosato: Depositphotos to Use for shampooing not store-bought shampoo, and a decoction of bran. It is prepared as follows: 200 g of wheat or oat bran, pour ½ liter of water and boil. Then, the resulting broth remove from heat, cool and squeeze. The resulting tool use for washing. To use burdock oil, rubbing it into the scalp. To do this procedure once or twice throughout the week. To flavor tool and eliminate the not-too-pleasant smell, you can add one drop of essential oils to your taste. For these purposes, ideal for lavender and peppermint oil. Wash hair milk serum. It is a popular tool that strengthens hair, Muslim women. So after washing to avoid the problem of rigidity, as a hair rinse, use boiled water with added essential oils (peppermint, Melissa, lavender). Very good at helping when you experience the problem of hair loss this procedure, like massage with a brush. It is recommended to brush, rough brush, massaging so the skin of the scalp and increasing blood flow. Take a massage at least 15 minutes a day. Hair condition markedly improved. In case of a problem of strong hair loss it is recommended to resort to another recipe of folk medicine the decoction of nettle leaves. Boiling water (½ litre) brew one tablespoon of chopped dry grass. Once the broth configure themselves for 20 minutes, it should drain. After which the tool can be used for rinsing hair. A good remedy of hair loss is the birch juice with added alcohol or brandy. To improve the condition of hair, they become shiny and silky and grow better, you can use juice extracted from crushed raw onions. It is recommended to regularly rubbed into the scalp. If you are faced with the problem of hair loss, don't forget to fill up your daily menu, foods high in silicon content. Eat more vegetables (asparagus, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, beets, parsley), fruit, bread with bran, strawberries. If you are concerned about the problem of dandruff, then you can deal with it by using tar or Ichthyol soap. Will help in this case, and castor oil. Photo: Depositphotos Thanks to competent care and inclusion in the diet of foods rich in silicon, can significantly improve the condition of hair. They will be stronger, acquire a healthy glow. And you finally hear the coveted compliment: "your hair is amazing!" ...

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