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Why staircase of Odessa - Potemkin? :.: Article 19.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In 1900, Odessa erected a monument to Catherine II. Of course, Catherine square and not the square of Karl Marx. Characteristically. Go to the previous part of the article it is also Characteristic that at least half of the monuments of the Empress of Russia has set one Canon: on the center pedestal very mother the Empress, and at her feet (not to say that at the base) — different number of men, famous and famous during her reign. And what is most characteristic, of all monuments of this kind in St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Simferopol and Odessa among the different male figures, one unchanged. Grigory Aleksandrovich Potemkin (1739 — 1791) — loved and loving. The monument to the founders of Odessa. Potemkin — on tsentrovoe: finding the Potemkin statue on the monument to the founders of Odessa (now called so) is somewhat surprising. Odessa was founded in 1794, three years after the death of the hero, and if Potemkin knew this place, it is only as the village of Khadjibey. But, first, why, as the conqueror to Queen huge richest region, Novorossia, not to put on the monument in honor of the founding of the city, which can rightfully be called the gem of the South region? And secondly, why not be the monument to Potemkin in Odessa, where there are the Potemkin stairs. Also, probably in honor of the Prince of Tauride named. The monument to Catherine II in Krasnodar. At the foot of the left — the Prince Potemkin, to the right of the Cossack asamanifesto: And here we have, my friend, fix that and as the leader of world proletariat in one of the many Soviet jokes about it. Because the name of the famous Odessa Potemkin stairs received in a sense smuggled. Well, Yes, smuggling in Odessa love. And even according to the testimony of Ostap Bender, made in little Arnaut street. How did this mess happen? Let's start actually with the stairs. Odessa is situated on a steep Bank above the sea. The height of the cliff is 35-40 meters. Top — dressy Primorsky Boulevard down matter — of-factly and rather dirty port. Ships, wagons, fine sea sand, stevedores, tramps, scows full of mullet... Since the founding of the city to descend from the top down — it was a problem. Here exiled the young Pushkin ran down the trail. As always, dapper-dressed, with a cane at the ready. Cane Pushkin was by lion's head and very heavy. So at the top, on the Boulevard, it was possible to rely absently and relaxed, waiting for meetings with friends or acquaintances ladies. And unfamiliar with the ladies, too. And there at the bottom of the sea, it was possible to defend against some local nigger villain who decided to "feel" this coming from the top of the mysterious master (also, incidentally, pretty nigger) or tickle him with a knife-with a feather. Collegiate councillor Pushkin too long ago drove off to the North, when his former boss, the General and the master of the Novorossiysk territory Mikhail Vorontsov (1782 — 1856) decided that the time has come to link the port and the city of Odessa, big and beautiful cascading staircase. The city was rich and was going to be beautiful in the ancient majestic. Vorontsov was famous for its intelligence and tenacity in achieving goals. The staircase was begun in 1837 and finished in 1843. 1850-ies. The port of Odessa and stairs. Well see how she was postrotate: At the current photos it seems that huge staircase is simply laid on the slope. This, of course, wrong. The high Bank of the fragile species would not survive the severity of stone steps and a donkey. Pompous ladder — only skin covering the mighty backbone, arched bridge built from the top down, consisting of three longitudinal and nine cross-vaulted galleries. At the intersection of the galleries stood massive pillars made from local limestone that supported an inclined surface, and this surface was placed level. Feature staircases are known to local residents and guests of Odessa. A staircase extends downward. Top width of 13.4 meters, and the lower side, one and a half times wider — 21.6 meter. Because this violates the usual laws of perspective. If you look down the staircase narrows, and falls to the sea a kind of carpet. If you stand on top, visible only to the site, steps if not. And the bottom pads are not visible, and the entire staircase appears to be a continuous cascade of steps. Stairs connect the area on the Boulevard where the monument to Duke de Richelieu ("the Duke" as it is called Odessa), and the Seaside sidewalk of the street that runs along the port of Odessa, almost at the Black sea. All stairs have 10 marches to 20 steps in each: a total of 200 steps. Stairs to the "Duke"Photo: Now, when the bottom raised the level of the embankment, eight lower levels are seen. A staircase rises to 27 meters, and its length is 142 meters. Who have not forgotten the trigonometry, can evaluate the steepness of the ascent: 11 degrees. Relaxed bias. And if still to consider that on the long landings between the flights you can catch your breath, climb the Potemkin stairs are not difficult. So we got to smuggled the name of this city sights: Potemkin. The fact that luxurious your staircase Odessa was called by different names, but the official name she had been issued. Neither before the revolution nor after. Stairs and Stairs, big Stairs. There is no other. The Bolsheviks came to power a lot of things in Odessa was renamed Deribasovskaya — in Lassalle, the seaside Boulevard — the Boulevard Feldman, a Jewish street Bebel, Catherine in Karl Marx, as has already been said. But the Staircase so the Stairs and left. Still not the Potemkin, but beautiful. The beginning of 20-th vikatto: But in 1925 released the film by Sergei Eisenstein "Battleship "Potemkin"". The film is powerful, innovative film and probably the film of all times. Classic has become a scene from a movie when the stroller is released by the mother, murdered by the Cossacks, rolling on the steps of the famous and majestic staircase and, in the end, inverted. This episode is better than any glue I glued in the minds of viewers luxury lift into town from the port and the name of the movie, "Battleship "Potemkin"". Since then the famous Odessa steps forever acquired its name and became the Potemkin. ...

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