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Isaac Levitan. That reflect his paintings - the loneliness or the feeling of deep peace? :.: Article 19.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

All of us familiar with the childhood and youth of Levitan's paintings. They accompany us through life. These are all known paintings by the great masters "birch grove" 1885, "Golden autumn", 1895, "vladimirka" 1892, "Over eternal peace", 1894, March 1895, All of these paintings are exhibited in the State Tretyakov gallery. But the author of this article is not aimed at detailed art review of the merits of the paintings of Levitan and would like to draw readers ' attention to lesser known paintings, but with very deep meaning, thought-provoking us, people of the XXI century. In 1879, Levitan painted "Autumn day. Sokolniki". It depicts a narrow alley strewn with autumn leaves. It is quiet the woman in black. In the head immediately raises many questions about the meaning of the picture. Who is this woman? Why is she here? What is its future? Levitan was able to accurately convey the feeling of human loneliness, and this canvas was a huge success. I. I. Levitan, "Autumn day. Sokolniki"Photo: maybe Levitan depicted us today? Why in the era of the proliferation of the Internet and digital technology we are no closer to each other, and there is some fatigue from the explosive development of civilization? Loneliness has become a real scourge of modern developed countries. Maybe, loneliness is today a necessary attribute for the development of our world and we must get used to the idea that in Russia is less from a collective Soviet past and become the mother of individualists? Questions, questions, questions... it Remains to add that the figure of the woman painter helped to portray comrade Levitan's College Nikolai Chekhov, brother of writer Anton Chekhov. I. I. Levitan, "Quiet abode"Photo: Another not less interesting picture — "a Quiet abode" of 1890 (the State Tretyakov gallery). The picture was presented in a traveling exhibition in Moscow in 1891. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, she had enormous success among the educated public. People thanked the artist for "that blessed mood, sweet the peace of mind that caused this quiet corner, isolated from the world and the hypocritical of all our Affairs." "Quiet abode" is imbued with a quiet melancholy and dignified decorum. Levitan never understood why nature is to be in disharmony with man. We can say that the picture was full of bright nostalgia for the coming era of the reign of Alexander III. Then Russia did not know the approaching of the era of world wars and revolutions, hunger and ruin. Russia, despite tensions within society, strongly developed and played not the last violin in the world. And as lacking a sense of blissful peace to us today! I. I. Levitan, "the Beach. Crimea"Photo: In the conclusion I want to add the fact that most of the paintings of Levitan written in the festive manner of eternal summer and unfading youth. The paintings are dominated by green, blue and yellow. These are the "Sunny day. Spring" 1877, private collection, Moscow; "Oak" 1880, the State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow; "Spring in the woods" 1882, "to the Beach. Crimea" 1886, the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; and many others. However, in recent years the paintings of the great artist often gave way to landscapes, imbued with a tragic sense of loneliness and longing. The personal life of a Russian artist has developed. He was not married and had no children. About the Levitan we know very little, as Isaac Ilyich shortly before his death in 1900, destroyed his files, and only the memories of people who knew him, it is possible to recover the main facts of biography of the famous artist. ...

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