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What dangers hide in the summer? :.: Article 19.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Summer is the long daylight hours, relaxation, tan, warm sun, and volleyball on the beach. Time for vacations, rest and quiet in the country and long-distance travel. Enjoying the long-awaited advent of the time of year, must, however, be mindful of the "pitfalls" — the hidden threats to health, which can become a cost for complacency. Overheating the Body can harm not only the thermal shock — extreme overheating. Health can be broken even with a slight decrease of heat transfer. To contribute to this as can prolonged exposure to the sun;high humidity;physical work on a hot day;dehydration;being in a stuffy room without ventilation. The most typical symptoms of overheating are: headache; sleepiness;dizziness; a disorder of concentration. This condition causes not only subjective discomfort. It can be dangerous if, for example, is developing the person who is driving the car. Even a slight decrease attention, or dulling of the reaction rate can in this case lead to serious consequences. Dehydration Photo: Depositphotos Causes of dehydration in the summer heat are sweating and the evaporation of large quantities of liquid from the surface of the skin. The body signals this as a distinct sensation of thirst. In conditions conducive to the occurrence of dehydration, you must increase the amount of liquid, since with the progression of this condition can lead to damage to internal organs. To make up the required volume of fluid is recommended with mineral waters, fruit fruit drinks. Cold drink it is recommended to avoid to avoid a negative impact on the blood vessels. Infection Photo: Depositphotos the Risk of infectious diseases lurking from all sides: 1. Swimming in reservoirs can facilitate the spread of infections transmitted nutritional and airborne droplets. Perhaps the development of infectious conjunctivitis because of the impact of infectious agents on the mucous membrane of the eye. 2. Infection spread by insects. A serious problem are diseases that are transferred by ticks. The most famous of them is tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease. Do not forget about other diseases, vectors which can be mosquitoes. In particular, they can help spread imported from the southern countries of malaria. In the summer season there is a massive Exodus of urban dwellers to the country, and together with the fans of country holidays travel and Pets. The increase in the number of contacts a pet with a wild can contribute to the spread of rabies. The picture seems scary and dull at first glance. In fact, to avoid disease infections, it is enough to observe basic prevention: avoid swimming in pools if they are not designed for this;to ensure the cleanliness of the hands before eating;do not allow children unwashed fruits and berries;in nature, it is necessary to regularly inspect yourself and children for ticks on clothing and skin;leaving for the city, it is desirable to use special means to deter blood-sucking insects;effective measure is the treatment of plots with insecticides;people living in endemic tick-borne encephalitis areas it is strongly recommended vaccination against the disease, which prevents the development of severe forms of the disease and complications; do not neglect vaccination against tetanus;Pets it is advisable to vaccinate against rabies. Changes in temperature Photo: Depositphotos Paradoxical, it would seem that the situation is cold for the summer heat. However, the problem is very real. She lurks in the case that people in the 25-30 degree heat hits, for example, in the room where with air conditioning and set the temperature 10-15 degrees below. This differential is sufficient to start the inflammatory process. Another danger that lies in extremes of ambient temperature, associated with spasm of blood vessels in response to cooling. A sharp narrowing of blood vessels can lead to aggravation of cardiovascular disease in people who are prone to such problems. A special case is the spasm of blood vessels when swimming in cold water or taking a cold shower in hot weather. The natural reaction of blood vessels on cold water will be a sharp contraction, which can cause headache, dizziness, and in extreme cases loss of consciousness. Of course, the most dangerous this situation while bathing in the pond. Photo: Depositphotos Forewarned — forearmed. This expression is appropriate when talking about summer dangers. Providing unwanted cases and taking all necessary preventive measures, you can enjoy the warmth, sun and summer holidays safely and happily....

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