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Cupcake. How to bake a fabulous cake? :.: Article 19.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Two or three dozen fancy cupcakes successfully replace a birthday cake. Yes, everyone is free to choose what he likes — chocolate, lemon curd, your favorite berries or nuts. Sometimes those tiny cakes called cupcakes or muffins. But first of all I must say that cupcakes and muffins are not made to decorate. In addition, the structure of the muffins are not as fluffy and porous, like cupcakes in addition they are not prepared with a sweet filling. Initially, this little dessert was baked in ceramic cups, hence the name comes from the English word "cup" (Cup) and "cake" (the cake). However, others believe that the name came due to the fact that the products for home baking was measured by cups. But in ancient times, Housewives often used the cups instead of measuring vessels and weights, so the first version is more attractive. Photo: Depositphotos popular Among Americans and the name is: fairy cake (fairy cake) — a very intriguing sounds. Sweet lovers, hearing the word "fairy", will present the heavenly taste of dessert, and the romantic storytellers will arise stories magical stories. The dessert was originally common, and another name: "number cakes" or "1234 cakes" that indicated the components of the dough — 1 Cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour, 4 eggs, one Cup milk, one small teaspoon soda. A home cupcake believe America, though the roots of this baking goes on in the UK. The British were baked in small cups dough, sometimes flavored it with fried onions or decorated fondant. These delicious desserts are loved by the peasants — they were convenient to take into the field as a snack. English settlers who came to explore the Americas, they brought with them their traditional culinary recipes, including cupcakes. Amelia of Commonspot: Source Over time, Amelia Simmons at the end of the eighteenth century published the first American cookbook, which was recorded the original recipe miniature cake baked in a Cup. A classic recipe Cup cake includes butter, sugar, flour, eggs, baking powder. According to modern pastry, any recipe for sponge cake you can use for baking cupcakes. In addition, the dough may optionally be flavoured, to tint, add a variety of ingredients — nuts, chocolate chips, chopped raisins or other dried fruits. In our day it is to decorate cupcakes not with cream and ready food decorations. In this case, imagination is encouraged and anyone can make a masterpiece, worthy of attention. Photo: Depositphotos modern mini cakes sometimes stuffed with cream, condensed milk (Russian version), jam and other sweet fillings. This is enough for a knife to cut the baked cupcakes in the recess and fill it with slide filler, or inside to put, for example, jam, and decorate the top with the cap cream. Special popularity of cupcakes received in the USA in the beginning of the third Millennium. Here was established the national days dedicated to cupcakes. For example, 15 Dec known as lemon cupcake day, October 18, chocolate, and the third week of September is dedicated to all the cupcakes without exception. In recent years it has become fashionable to put in a fabulous cake jewelry as a gift to significant dates. Photo: Depositphotos Also noteworthy is the option of a tiered birthday cake made of a variety of cupcakes. What is not fabulous cake turn out?! Choose a piece (cupcake) at will and enjoy its taste. And then another, and another... How to prepare at home is a miracle of modern cooking? For the beginning of a purchased disposable paper molds. By the way now they themselves are an ornament, but to prevent deformation during baking it is desirable to put in rigid molds, metal or silicone. Another point to consider: that the cupcakes turned out fluffy and tender, the ingredients of the test should be taken at room temperature. Photo: Depositphotos And last: so that the cream does not slip from the surface and better hold the shape of the top of the cakes need a little cut. So, a classic recipe: take 100 g butter, 200 g flour, 2 eggs, 150 g sugar, 120 g of milk, one and a half teaspoons of baking powder, salt and vanilla. Until heated oven (180 degrees), prepare the dough. Whisk sugar with butter until fluffy. Add eggs, salt and vanilla, mix thoroughly. Pour in milk, add flour mixed with baking powder, carefully whisk. At this stage the dough you can add food coloring or cocoa, pre-mixed with sugar. Optional — variety of fillings (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc.) and flavors (lemon zest, cinnamon). The finished dough should slowly run off the spoon. If too thick, add a little milk and knead thoroughly. Photo: Depositphotos Pour the batter into the molds (half of it) and put into the oven for twenty to thirty minutes. Willingness to check the pointed match or a wooden skewer. Taken out of the oven fairy cakes cool. Then fill and decorate at its discretion. Bon appetit!...

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