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As saves cocotherapy? Part 2 :.: Article 19.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

But the need for syringes anymore, and for a very long time. Saturday, stepping out of the Elevator together with as well as Sasha, who decided to try out a gift for a birthday skateboard, Natalia suddenly met on the first floor of Artem Ivanovich. Go to the first part of the article whether on the court was enough light, whether Natalia not carefully see his face, but he looked retired well, was cheerful and relatively cheerful. Sanka Pat on the head, he entered the Elevator and stall turned to Natalia: 'Well, daughter, I told you that none of the doctors I don't need. Here, read, for the third day walk in the street and nothing! The Elevator door slammed violently, and Natalie even had a chance to meet a smiling and upbeat neighbor. At that moment in her head flashed only one thought: "a little Longer be so!" ...She met up with Artem Ivanovich at the end of November, when the sky quite regularly began to fall snowflakes, and puddles in the yard began to appear solid ice crust. — How is Your health, Artem Ivanovich? — asked Natalia. — The transition to winter is well tolerated? Pressure surges do not bother? — Yes, everything is normal, — the neighbor habitually waved his hand, — thank you, kind soul. How many times have you me, in this life, rescued! I owe yours, I guess. And he smiled again. Natalia was about to contradict him, that no debt may not even be speech, as Artem Ivanovich conspiratorially beckoned her finger and said quietly: — you know what, Natasha, a miracle had happened? Natalie, whose hands were pulled two impressive shopping bags, put them on the bench and in the tone of the neighbor said whisper: "Not-e-et, I don't know!" — My knight of the senses, — whether proud, whether he wanted to boast with his black cat, it is important answered Artem Ivanovich. — What are senses? — I don't understand Natalia. I'm not! — threw up his hands Artem Ivanovich. Spree its completely abandoned. Lives now only the house as a worthwhile pet cat. Even the toilet had a special to buy for him, with a chuckle he added. Seeing the incredulous look Natalia, the neighbor continued: — And most importantly, know where he sleeps now? — Where? — whisper continued Natalia. — In the bathroom, or what? Or in the sink? (She recently saw in a magazine a picture where it shows a cat, choose a sleeping place right in the bathroom sink.) — Say, too, — with a touch of feigned resentment in his voice said Artem Ivanovich. — Why did he have to sink to sleep when the house is full of places softer? And, stooping to the ear of Natalino, significantly said: — With me sleeping on the couch! Like a real man! — Yes You that? — Natalia was surprised that even could not imagine that the Knight — the storm cats of all stripes and colors who hasn't missed a single fight with their own kind mustachioed creatures could sleep on the couch next to the host. And then laughed with a wink Artem Ivanovich: — you do Not snore comely-Your Knight? Does not interfere with sleep? Artem Ivanovich appreciated the joke and in the same tone replied: 'What! Sleeping quiet as a... mouse! But, immediately realizing that compare full-grown cat with a mouse once, inexcusable and even insulting to his furry friend, eventually I... wanted to say like a kitten! And head directly into the pillow fit? he continued teasing Natalia. — The fact of the matter is that he now sleeps right on top of me! — in the voice of Artem Ivanovich once again sounded naughty notes. — Right on top of the blanket rests on my chest, I'm back sleeping, and so the whole night passes. And it's not heavy, breathing does not interfere? — woke up Natalya. — Sometimes interfere, — admitted Artem Ivanovich, — I, apparently, in the dream it right up and drove. But he still does not go away. Wake up in the morning and he sleeps in the legs. I'm telling you, a miracle happened! — Indeed a miracle, ' agreed Natalia, rising from the bench with their shopping bags, and what is he doing? But to herself she stood and was surprised not so much heard stories about the cat that lost to garden walks, just curiosity as to what Artem Ivanovich looked quite good, even some younger, that is... they broke up. Natalia trudged home, and Artem Ivanovich went in the tent to buy bread for themselves and "Whiskas" for so drastically changed your character and daily routine of a Knight. * * * ... He could not, as mentioned in the old Russian proverb, "neither to sigh, nor to sigh". Couldn't because of the terrible pain. This pain behind the breastbone, squeezed her heart Artem Ivanovich so that he seemed even lost his voice. So to call her sister, who was sleeping in the room across the hall, did not. Realized that it was useless. And had not the strength. Breathing became harder and harder and each breath echoed in his chest that infernal barbed with pain. His heart is not disturbed for a long time. Probably, that day when Natalia gave him one last shot. How long has passed since then? Three months? Four? Probably not, he already and lost count. And days from injection to injection stopped counting, and about the heart pains began gradually to forget how suddenly, like a thunder-storm broke over him. "See, so before the New year dies, — flashed in his head, a bit does not make it..." Before his eyes swam colored large circles, the head became heavy and as if not his. Near the Knight felt that something was wrong. He sat down on a light blanket, which was always covered with Artem Ivanovich, some sat, and then lay down on his chest, dangling his blanket with his fluffy paws. To banish him Artem Ivanovich did not try, because, oddly enough, did not feel the weight of the cat. But his thoughts were not of baleen creation, so out of place perched on top. "Goodbye, my dear, thought Artem Ivanovich and now the Reaper is my come." He slowly began going over in his mind all the relatives and friends remaining in it. When the pain briefly went away, guiltily mentally asked everyone for forgiveness, knowing that until the morning, of course, will not survive. And the Knight continued to lie on his chest, her head resting either on a blanket, whether on the front paws — this Artem Ivanovich in the dark couldn't see. But in the end forgiveness in those terrible minutes for him, which was riddled with intolerable pain, even asked the cat. And then I fell in some bottomless pit, where it was impossible to take anything apart. "That's how life turns out, ends," was his last thought... to be Continued... ...

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