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If your street have not shot it does not mean that it is peace in the world

Zadolba!whether 15.07.2019 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

At work, as they say, "piling", went to complain to the forum — supported, of course, but there were posts in the spirit of "you're lying, I'm in the same position in the same firm and we have never been!". Asking me what I you have not seen — and, of course, a branch in the capital near the Central. Of course you're right, capital colleague, we have, in our province, all in the same way as you. How could it be otherwise!

arm was hurting. In the hospital a bullet, there is disconcert — arthrosis of the joint. Came home in a bad mood, of course she did a home... Grandma — "What nonsense! You another fifty dollars there, you can't be arthritis! None of my friends to poltinas it was not." First, grandma, arthritis, and arthrosis, and secondly... well, what I mean — obviously times have you seen young with arthritic hands, they simply do not exist. And the doctors making all this up to work with pharmacists to cash in, Yes.

Public Park, in the Park, a small concert stage is open to all, there's often played by street performers. And the signs "no Smoking" on the perimeter. Right under the sign — a couple on fire, their cancer sticks. Fit, politely ask to be relocated — wind from them directly into the amphitheatre of smoke carries. In response, the Mat-peremat, and the threat of where to report — again the same "Call me, call me, nothing they will not do — there is no law that you can not smoke, we'd know about it!" Well, now you know. What are you so surprised when you administrativku soldered? And, of course, you still are not fined for Smoking in the wrong place, then such a law cannot be. A plate for beauty hang, of course.

the People, you zadolbali! Learn how to see the current situation, and not a similar experience. If something doesn't directly next to you doesn't mean it doesn't exist in the world or that it can't happen in the future.

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