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I'm not giving you money

Zadolba!whether 15.07.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Not Even hope. I can't and won't buy what I don't need. Even if you jump out at me from the entrance to the subway with a piece of paper, thank you, toilet paper is now not in short supply. Depending on the mood, I can take it and place it in the nearest bin. Without reading it, of course.

I won't give you money, if you're going to pester me with phone calls, even though I didn't give the consent, as it should be according to the law. Here, again, depending on my mood, I can just say "no", can pokretati (a relatively new trend) or go through your family tree. Money, I still will not give. Even if this method of "sales" is painted in a Western book and another retarded head decided that it should work.

Even if you come as uninvited guest to me and all the neighbors on the floor at the same time, I'm still not giving you money. At the same time, all the neighbors know who you are, where and what. But and this occasion provides an excellent opportunity to train in the use of Russian obscene language on live targets with impunity, and then work out to get in the face of the jet spray. Anyway, you do not go to the police, it is clear why. Although, I do prefer a peaceful solution in the form of a beautiful vintage toggle switch in the buzzer circuit that gave buffs to the tranquility and lifestyle.

and I do not give you money if you're going to disturb me to use the Internet. Suddenly pop up stuff over text is just disposed to be loyal to you and interested in your tovarchik, but that's a reflex for 15 years, the Internet has already established. What Adblock off? Find elsewhere, almost all the information is already duplicated. Well, aerobatics in sales are attempts to infect my machine to show their ads. Well, just run to buy, expensive my good.

For a newspaper in a mailbox, of course, they are useful for soldering or plumbing work. To read this garbage I will never, now, and so there is a lot of information. Only here the trees are pathetic, they create a useful oxygen, and ecological balance, therefore, useful, in contrast to the majority of advertisers.

And even if I buy something specific, then only this specific, you should not pester me with your wonderful suggestions unnecessary garbage. Dear my retarded head, giving such instructions to subordinates, you put those people in the flow of anger, but many people know that the blame for what is happening to you is. So the money I will not give you.

how to make so I gave you the money? Think of some useful product or service. It's enough to live in the real world, not in his fantasies. Do a normal selling point with adequate prices, make a representation in the Internet, post information in the appropriate services. Will look good — people will reach and find themselves. But for this it is necessary to think a head and not pester everyone.