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Where do you wander, my soul mate?

Zadolba!whether 15.07.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Men love to laugh at the female logic, but some sometimes do behave the way they want to take and to give them the very famous textbook Chelpanov. And I'm not even about the famous "All the great chefs and teachers — men, but to cook and raise children needs women", and about how these wise and logical men are looking for their life partner.

Sanya. Classic nerd-nerd, by all the laws of genre in love with the glamorous hen, knowing only two words: "Muuusic, Copiii!" Sanya all the time because I can only say about your big and pure love, and when it is sent in plain text, accuses of callousness and lack of understanding — he has the same LYUBOFF! Sanya for two years I am sure that over inflated duck lips and silicone Breasts hides a sensitive and vulnerable soul that needs a true knight, not males in expensive cars.

Dan. He needs a housewife who will sit in the four walls, to cook him borscht and bear children. Where to find this? That's right, in the tourist club section of climbing. Dani would — he threw another tourist, a Komsomol member, a sportswoman and just beautiful.

— What do these women want?! — Dan is crying after the second shot glasses — I'm ready for it all to ensure she didn't have to work or on those trips to hang around!

Sorry, friend, but the medicine here is powerless.

Vanya. As Dan, dreams of home, but if Dan doesn't so fussy then this van comfort needs to ensure a girl from a Orthodox family, who kept their virginity until marriage. It is obvious that these girls are found EN masse in night clubs. But then something went wrong and the van suddenly all friends and relatives came together with a woman five years older with two children from two previous marriages. We thought he found his happiness, but the lady shoved the poor man because he constantly took out her brain on the topic of "Your children are a constant reminder that you have to me someone was!"

But Mishan surpassed all, because it refers to a category of people pereobulsya jump. The girl has changed after he entered into a relationship with her. Today he says ordinary women are not interested in him and meets with metallistka and tomorrow requires her to throw a black leather jacket and piercings and wear pink dresses and high heel shoes. Or today he needs a sweet home girl, and tomorrow — military friend that will deal with him kayaking. It is clear that people can change views on life and relationships. But instead of a civilized separation Mishanina almost all girls, there was a tub of mud and public insults for not wanted to turn his life inside out for him.

And these stories I have on several collections of stories and three of the thesis.

Guys, you have not zadolbali, but the surprise much. Moreover, often suffers from similar the stronger sex, because almost every girl knows that if you want to get acquainted with the athlete, go to the gym. With a biker — join the biker club, etc. and men are very much like fish in the desert, and then be offended that they're not biting.

I specifically was not looking for anyone — my husband and I met in College. But those who are puzzled by search of the second half, I can give advice, not to zadaviatsa: people compare wishlist with your opportunities and personal boundaries of another person.

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