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Zadolba!whether 16.07.2019 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali moms with sleeping babies in the Playground.

Us 12-14 years old, we play "above the feet", laugh, and talk, and here comes she is a mom with a stroller and a sleeping baby in it. She proudly puts the stroller across the grounds, sits on a bench and starts to hiss that children behave more quietly, her baby is sleeping! She doesn't understand that this site is for fun and games, here is made different climbing structures, a sandpit and slide, and it is natural that children Express their delight voice.

And if two-year-old kid it will not be much to Boo, then we will have to pull up every five minutes. Of course, he's still poorly able to control themselves unlike us. And the fact that it makes a noise much more than we do — is not considered.

Separately delivered moms who come to the Playground with her two children, two-three years older and sleeping in the stroller the younger. We play words sitting on the bench. History repeats itself. And mom chic on us every minute, and what shouts of her own eldest child, did not notice.

the Most annoying is that even if a mother with a baby carriage sits silently on the bench, her face buried in the phone, instead it includes other moms. Filled with righteous care about someone else's child, they begin to take turns to do comments on each of our laughter, while we try so hard to be quiet.

If we go to the bench at the entrance, we magically to everyone around you turn into pals, and a bottle of water in beer. And now every passerby dissatisfied with the curves of the face, muttering under his breath about the fallen youth.

In General, zadolbali!