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Cattle driving

Zadolba!whether 16.07.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali provincial carriers.

of course, I understand that if the guy is already 40-50 years old, and he's a taxi through the app — there is clearly lots of resentment and feelings of inferiority, but it is necessary to try to look professional at least in this primitive work!

I am constantly confronted with people in the "achieved nothing, where work took", but for some reason, cashiers, cleaners and waiters behave with dignity and politeness than respect.

And taxi drivers? Every second the YMCA.

And this despite the fact that I am ideal a passenger. Sober, not abusing spirits, non-Smoking, laconic. Always say Hello, don't slam the door, and put the package on the seat, if not confident in his absolute purity.

what I get in return?

Driver, A. all the way mate and very loud finds something on the phone.

Driver B. practically throws my change. Yes, the trip was worth 70 rubles, I gave $ 100 and waiting for my 30 rubles. Yes, I need them. It's half the cost of my next trip. And if you, the driver, are not satisfied with the amount of payment — do not take the order.

the Driver finds V. 25 rubles back, and I forced myself to go to the store and get change.

the Driver G. cut in the music, of course about the area, the salts and everything that is close to his heart.

the Driver D. yells at me that I refused to go almost 400 meters, so he wouldn't have to go through the yard.

Driver E. seeing that I was carrying, turns around and leaves, saying that he was not warned, even though I put a note in the app.

And such cases the sea.

Every time you call voice mail "waiting for You..." sounds 2-3 minutes before the car pulled up, hoping, apparently, to cut down another 10 rubles for waiting. But I'm punctual, not rolls.

In our city, in fact, two dispatch services. I use only one, because the second is even worse.

somehow, in the neighboring country, where I grew up, in a very small town, every taxi driver that drove me, was polite, smiled, had the change and behaved decently. Why in the Russian province does not solve the problem of cattle driving and his admission to the carriage of normal people — a mystery.

and I... And what I am. I buy the car tomorrow, zadolbali.

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