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Still say thank you live

Zadolba!whether 16.07.2019 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Frantically zadolbali generation of today's 20-30 year — olds- many of whom are writing on this website.

If the most vivid bad memory in humans — about how her grandmother five years to force-feed soup, it means that this man had a very nice childhood. It means she didn't have to starve at all, when parents lost job and no unemployment benefits is not stupid. And parents, to somehow feed a child, donate blood for money, and then faint right in the middle of the room...

When it's a miracle, just became an adult, complains that parents, you see, has not provided them with a car, apartment or anything else, then there is a wild desire to put this man in the 90s and say, "Survives as you want". So they finally felt on my own skin: what it's like.

not respecting the Millennials, or whatever the hell else to call. Remember firmly: the fact that you all survived to the present day, you Dolinina much to thank the older generation. You should never be based on what was happening in the country when you were born and were little.

And if you still somehow reared, brought up, taught, just say thanks and move on as you want. Stop complaining, you, of all people, is no rights. You have incredibly lucky, just enjoy it every day.

And hope that you will remain anything, except your perpetual whining.

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