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Ah, gotcha, bird, wait, don't leave the net!

Zadolba!whether 16.07.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Again grinds her shabby saddle with fans of social networks and messengers and their opponents. Disappoint first, of all your winspice for correspondence — bullshit. The evidence only official emails and documents. So, on a trifle, well, or throw a quick message Yes. But something big — it is for other channels.

I'm not against social networks and messengers. The first she sometimes used. Not often, without personal details. My right. But the group and instant messengers for work is a nightmare. From Skype group pipelines literally on the second week of work, allegedly because the necessary information was immediately filled up with hundreds of messages about anything. All were just chatting. Same with Vadapalli. Parent catici is generally a box for those who have nothing to do. Chatter about everything except the right.

And Yes, everyone I need well call "caveman way." Someone can't push a speed dial button or select my name in the contacts list, or are not particularly close, either they are not really necessary. Yes, I deliberately limit the circle of people who are with me easy to communicate, because beauty salons, shops, private clinics very quickly put you on the mailing list and again, all You lit up like a Christmas tree, their advertising and spam. And when you say that you don't have a smartphone actually is, only without the instant messengers — all sour. And call just in case.

If someone wants to maintain a large number of social connections — that is your right. There is nothing wrong. As there is nothing bad and terrible in reverse.

Let's be friends!

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