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Your call is extremely useless for us

Zadolba!whether 17.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Fiercely, madly zadolbali banks with pseudo-online credits! Right in the extreme! Every second a proud inscription: "Apply now online! The decision in five minutes!" And a bunch of fields for entering various information.

OK, you enter everything as it should be — full name, passport details, work-family relatives, income, property, etc. And see the inscription — "Application pre-approved!" It would seem that everything is logical — the Bank has received information about me, checked credit history and found me a potential customer. You can go to the Department with the original documents, sign the contract and get the money. But there it was.

95% after filling in all of the above receives a call from the Bank:

— Ready to confirm the application?

the Post... you Start to re-ask what was already stated in the online application! To the letter! On the question, and actually why is it, I all information provided in written form, say we have regulations, so it is necessary. Well, OK, but a pointless conversation just to come to the Bank, once approved. Well, Yes, you can, answer. A couple of times and I even went. Only here the staff in the Bank begin to do the same! Where the fuck is the logic, why all this? Do you see what I wrote there earlier? If saw — so print it out and give my signature that the information is correct...

more — more. Here is a more steep Bank, he is able to pull the authorization from the state services, and I'm loads all the fields. Automation in action, it would seem. But, in the end again the same meaningless call from the call center, or offer to go to the Bank and again to post... Patience is starting to end.

the Final chord — the Bank is able to request information about the income through all of those state services for the extract from the FIU itself automatically, only allow this action necessary. For people with a white salary, it completely replaces manual feed paper certificates 2-pit. The triumph of high technology, 21st century, and electronic reporting in all its glory. It would seem, what could go wrong? It turns out that you can! Check, expect Your data require clarification, contact the Bank! What data is not specified, and the Bank regulation and re-collecting data dictation. Curtain.

And that's when censorship of words left and all hope faded, there was only one working version. From the Bank's three letters.

I was waiting for anything — the visit of the messenger with a set of documents and lack of a map. And even the delivery of the paper quadcopter it wouldn't surprise me. I didn't believe it would work, that money can be transferred to the account without phone calls, without going to the office, and especially without signing a paper contract. But it works.

And all the rest would like to suggest — instead of all these online forms which have no useful options, hang up the entry phone number and a button "WE'll CALL YOU back". Because it's the only thing in your case is working.

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