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Begat? Pay!

Zadolba!whether 17.07.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I Read, so fresh, and here's the same phrase that sucks for twelve years "Surprise fathers, who have beer in the evenings you have the money, and the child, ice-cream-zoo-garbage not enough".

sucks And not the letter and the spirit: quite a cheerful "All best — to children" in the last 20 years have gradually degenerated into a gloomy "All the children. You're already an empty shell, and they're the future!" Honestly? In the region zadolbala.

Let me introduce myself, the father of two children, girl and boy. And with the exit from the hospital with the eldest in the hands of it haunts me and my wife everywhere. First our parents with their constant concern: "Yes, you Anya dared to buy the exact same sliders direct from the same batch, but three tyschschi cheaper, and saved to buy his wife autumn shoes?" — or — "how dare you to go to the second tower in the evening, instead of the second job? Anya needs a new toy!" So Yes, it is!

I love my wife enough to let her get my feet wet in the autumn Petersburg dirt in rag sandals. And so a special ordered light and comfortable construction boots with steel toe and thick sole. And you know what? She liked it so much that until now, the shoes we try to buy such a plan and that of the seller.

Oh, I wasn't slaving away for two break-in, and went to the tower in the adjacent field? But why are you surprised when all your: "Give! Save! Buy! Cousin; and we'll ever give up. If you give up," you get quite correctly formed, but no less firm rejection? I'm a bastard, the baby didn't pray, you I whenever reminded.

Then there were the doctors. Quite a local doctors with their persuasion and intimidation: "If you don't buy the daughter this BAD, chronicloperamide! Only this homeopathy for big tyschschi will help from severe pneumonia! After all, children are important!" That the best prevention is regular hours, good nutrition and adequate physical activity — do not care, fuck yourself on my wishlist and pay for these adolecente! Pay and repent! Children is more important. Were lawsuits, complaints, and one such doctor, almost varusham much softer my wife a set of crushed chalk in the balls for three bills, I had to explain unethical to be entered... no, not in the jaw, and where traces do not exist.

After you have joined friends and acquaintances from their Piskorski: "I work for one and a half work, but my son has a new iPad! No, and I'll have two and a wife plow with break-in, ha-ha-ha, but what kind of dress bought from new Zealand wings glamorous fairies of lyudoeda!" Themselves ragged, the machine requires a major overhaul, in the parental home any malfunction shut up temporary crutches — but the children are dressed couture and iPads. Although paid two or three times more.

And somehow expect things from me, and are offended when I say that children will get anything, but within the possibilities and given himself and his wife. Half acquaintances and have the former, after the unseemly scenes where they calculated my income, my contributions to the family, and specifically for its members and we tried, an adult male and adult female to say because we are not floods of both children's gifts and toys, and dare to eat properly, relax in the resorts and even to have a hobby is very interesting.

there were teachers with other small rag-tag that, under the pretext of caring for my children, tried to teach me that I live wrong, just not running to sell a kidney and my soul for a trip to the English camp in Malta older and younger new phone. And he have a fresh, not a hunted look, and his wife do not prevent to go in the decade of rags, to dare to look downtrodden, before the aged woman, and even about Oh, my God, not at the expense of giving children to follow him.

And this contemptuous remark about the beer after work in the same steppe. How do you know this little joy does not give the father to go out the window from the endless exhausting routine at work? Yes, it will always be money. It is ugly, to reproach children.

in General, zadolbali this point of view, honestly. Remember darling, your parents are still human beings and not wallets with legs is for children.

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