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The goods make their way in the queue!

Zadolba!whether 17.07.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Then the accepted answer. Perhaps someone from the heroes of history will explain to me why he was doing this — because this question torments me for a long time.

so, the supermarket, large purchases for a week. Type in the cart a little of this and that. Went up to the counter and begin to lay out a tape. Then to make it easier to pack, put first things heavy or crease-resistant: solid packaging, washing powder, vegetables like potato and carrots, textiles and so on. Then that may be damaged if put on him esticalopram packaging with anything. And in the end — things legkoobratimy and fragile. Well, to put it then in a practically reasonable manner in which to bring it all home.

it would Seem, what's the difference to the cashier peck on the queue items in the order in which fetches them to you, moving tape, and do not worry. But no, some cashiers reason to do otherwise. Stretch struggled over the nets with onions and bottles of mineral water, you just stand up, groaning, but grab still located at the end of the package mushrooms, fresh baguette, eggs, fragile Cup with sour cream and solemnly breaks it in the first place. And then let after heavy and solid things.

in such cases, I politely but firmly asked to break the items in the order in which they are laid out — with a sigh deadlevel obey. But incredibly annoying — especially because the logic of such action are deeply obscure, and they give clean water sabotage.

So, why?

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