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Ignorant in the law

Zadolba!whether 17.07.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali people who "do not know!"

Zadolbali not the fact that do not know how and what to learn-don't want them to find a "will do" and generally appreciate us for who we are.

the Friend is a teacher at the school. A teacher of Russian language at the moment. Posts in social networks a new post with spelling mistakes, and the commas are placed anywhere. Write it in PM, like, my sun, correct here and there, and in fact you probably and students with parents reading uncomfortable. She says to me: "Well, I'm stupid if what to do! Always in these rules confused!" And the post hangs with the error.

got a new job. At the end of the month to make a report in Excel. A simple table with the formula for percentage, formula caring leadership already in the template inserted. Substitute the numbers yourself, it believes, beauty! Colleague: "did You turn in? Help me to do, I don't see how in Excel to work!" Show what and how, how to print that everything on the page got, etc. Through the month the same song: "I don't understand!" Well I showed you!

OK, I write step by step instructions. The day head: "Help of a colleague, she can not cope!" Come, and she, in tears, I copied a table from Excel into word and it tries to edit something, thus calculating the percent on a calculator (wrong). And whining: "I don't weeeew in Excel!" My joy, you're in the Ward do not know, as I can see. It is actually strange for a man of thirty years, so "not to be able to Excel and Word".

And is full of such people everywhere: help to make a plan, I don't know how! Check my contract, I don't know how! Call me the customer, I do not know how to talk to them! They don't want to be taught, no! They want others to do for them, and they have a good reason — they don't. In the end their duties they can not perform, because they can not, and so as not to appear useless, do any kind of social burden of the organization, they need to "outings" and "enterprise of visits to the bowling."

Zadolbali! Or go study, or make room for those who can and wants to work. And leadership that these sad sack suffering, too zadolbali.

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