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Haste makes waste

Zadolba!whether 17.07.2019 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Inspired by "speed set" in combination with some allopregnanolone is on topic.

now, the cult sucks "speed". Yes, I know who soon will bring to market a new solution that will attract a buyer, and he will receive a main benefit, while the buyer is interested. And who was late — he was late.

from all this "speed of development", hence the various "how quickly you write code," and the like, but not overdo it!

in the case when the programmers for you to write something. Especially when something complicated. This is not to dig a ditch!

Done quickly — wonderful! That's just in the rush not thought of one detail, and it starts, bugs and glitches, the system hangs, loses orders, potential deals fall through, and you eventually receive less profit. But your programmers "quickly wrote the code"!

here is another example: also quickly wrote code for the site quickly, and the presentation of it looked fast and beautiful, only now, when the user tries to log onto this site from a smartphone, a circle that was spinning, spinning, spinning... Oh, connection lost. Dosvidos!

this is why we have a counter increases and sales do not grow?

And because you have put in the circle "loading..." nothing more is seen.

But he wrote it quickly, using a framework for rapid development. About what to think about any there "scenarios user experience" generally out of the question, at the forefront was the question of the speed of writing code.

And as a result have a bunch of awkward information systems of the operators complaining about their crooked work, customers accumulate in queues and swearing brake operators, the curves of the buggy sites to go are impossible, inconvenient structure of these sites, freezes the app on the phone and much, much more.

take your time slow down, please!

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