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When tomorrow comes

Zadolba!whether 17.07.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbal Me a mere trifle — the word "tomorrow". But not any, but only at night.

the day begins in the morning, but day with night!

When you between midnight and morning say or write "tomorrow", it is mean next day or the next day. It's really tomorrow or today?

it is Necessary each time to ask again, because in the mind of the interlocutor can be either way, what I have seen.

"we will Go tomorrow to walk" can be in the same day, and perhaps, at the next, if the person is a lover just like me.

"Avocados will ripen tomorrow, eat," says my mother before going to sleep. And then wonders why I get them in the next dinner and the next day. She meant: "you'll Wake up and they have matured".

In General, enough to confuse me, please, I'm sick.

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