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My dad is the most honest rules

Zadolba!whether 18.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear men, you zadolbali stupid materialistic hen that is not interested in anything except clothes and ways to trap you in chains of wedlock? Do you know who educates them? You, my dear.

it all Begins with fear and grief in the family when, instead of a boy-heir, the wife gives birth to a girl. Weeping, sobs from all sides. The unfortunate young father goes on a binge, his life was over there was another woman-the silly woman.

Therefore no part in the upbringing of the child he does not accept.

the Girl asks to read her book? Dad had no time for nonsense.

Wants to walk or play with daddy? Get out, father still mourns unborn son.

Wants to study astronomy/glue Tanchiki? Here's what a lesson for the girls! Are you a doll, learn to swaddle, tesejerague.

Computers, historical fencing, the fascination with science fiction is for men, not the larvae borshevski.

to Pay for his studies at the technical University? Yeah, right now. Let married to the ATM and have children. The woman has no place in science.

Then begin relationships with the opposite sex.

don't want a fur coat and iPhone? Want a rare edition of a favorite writer? Crazy fool, you will die with 40 cats!

don't want to blunt the house within the four walls among the pots and diapers? You need a mile, suddenly it's contagious!

Interested in anything except gossip with my girlfriends and divorces of celebrities? You Durkee crying, you're not a real woman!

Guys, you zadolbali.

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